on the proposed demolition of the former DSS office located at 200 E. Main Street

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 @ 6:00 pm
Human Services Building, Countywide Meeting Room A
414 E. Main Street 


Durham County Government is holding a public input session regarding the proposed demolition of this building, located at 200 E. Main Street, for the creation of a public plaza.
Why this issue matters: 
  • This is an awful location for a plaza.  Constant street noise and exhaust from the Durham Freeway and Roxboro Street will omnipresent and will not support a relaxing atmosphere. 
  • What purpose does the proposed plaza serve that is not already met by CCB Plaza, American Tobacco and other downtown open spaces?
  • Demolition will further reduce the connections from Downtown Durham to East Durham and Golden Belt
  • Demolition does not support the Downtown Durham Master Plan which specifically sets out the need for connectivity along main street.  A gap where this building is would be would further decrease the number of people on E. Main Street, and the number of people willing to venture east.
  • Creation of a public plaza, that does not generate tax revenue and requires continual maintenance, is not in the best fiscal interest of the City or County.
  • Demolition will erase part of Durham's history
  • Demolition will decrease the supply of office space, and further increase downtown rents
Other Options:
  • Rental office space or sale of the building
    • Selling the building would bring further commercial development to East Main and make further connections to the city's investments in East Durham. 

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