The MLCC has been contacted by a developer who is proposing to construct a new public street, to be named Brookfield Lane, to provide access to six new home sites in Mt. Lookout. 

The public street would connect to Delta Avenue between Hardisty Avenue and Griest Avenue. The home sites would be located behind homes located on Hardisty Ave, Isis Ave, and Hidden Wood Place in an area that is currently wooded. The area is zoned SF-10, meaning that each lot would be a minimum of 10,000 sf (just shy of 1/4 acre) and is also within a Hillside Overlay District, which adds additional constraints regarding setbacks and excavation. A plan of the proposed development is linked above.

MLCC will be hosting a virtual information meeting to provide an opportunity for the community to learn more about the project and the City's review process, and to ask questions of the MLCC and the developer. 

This meeting is not an official part of the city's review process - it is for information purposes only. Because the project requires the subdivision of land, the project will be heard by the City Planning Commission at a later date (yet to be scheduled). We will provide information at the information meeting on how to provide comments to the Planning Commission (and MLCC).

If you have questions prior to the meeting, please send them to


The Mt. Lookout Community Council Board