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Good Morning All,

"This new initiative we developed over the course of the last 6 weeks is a formal 3 rd  Party process to develop customized risk management plans for Covid-19. 

Insurance carriers are already starting to come out with new policies that require these COVID plans, some lenders are anticipated to require it in new lending guidelines, and likely local municipalities will also mandate this Covid Safety Plan (think Fire Safety Plan, lead, mold and asbestos O&M's). 

Moreover, notwithstanding the above multiple of anticipated mandates – many owners will simply want to show proactive, responsible actions right now so that they can present to their partners, employees and tenants that they have taken this pandemic extremely seriously and brought in outside experts to provide a game plan on specific safety measures to mitigate risks, on many levels in this new world".

Click HERE to view LENV Risk O&M template

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Managing Principal / CEO

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