Time to Register  

You are receiving this e-mail because you have not yet signed up or registered your boat/watercraft on-line. 

This year, as of 2/1, we have more than 200 boats already registered, paid-for, and fully processed. All we need do is mail the stickers (which we will be ordering very soon)
Stats so far: 45% of those done so far are for one year and 55% for two years. 55% are powered and 45% are non-powered. Nearly 90% of folks want their stickers mailed.
There were a few wrinkles but nothing major. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Again, you are receiving this e-mail because you have not yet signed up or registered on-line.  
It is important to note that we will NOT mass-mail paper forms for boat registrations this year. 
To register and then pay, online , you may go to: http://indianlakepa.us/ePay/BoatLicenses.aspx
Registration and Payment are separate. It is recommended that you do both in one sitting so you register all the boats you pay for, and pay for all the boats you register. Each boat must be registered separately, but you can pay (check-out) all at one time by adding multiple items to your cart. You will receive a detailed, itemized e-mail receipt for your payments, sent immediately. To make things easier, for boats previously registered we can look up info if you just type "same as 2017" or "same as entered above"; just give us enough info to know who you are and what boat/lot you mean.
If you choose to register by filling out a paper form you may get one online at:
or you may pick one up at the Borough Office during normal business hours. We will give a stack to the Marina, the Lodge, and Northwinds when they open, if you want to check those places. The Office can e-mail a copy if you'd like. Just no mass-mailing.
Yes, we still accept checks, but prefer e-Pay.
We are NOT asking for verification/copies of insurance this year, but it is very important that we capture your certification that you agree to maintain coverage on each craft registered. 
Please avoid the rush and register now. Avoid the hassles and do it all electronically. We have tried to make the process as painless as possible, while using available tools and avoiding expensive custom programming.
Please, tell all your friends about your positive experiences with the new process. 
We would appreciate any helpful feedback on your experience with the new boat registration process. Our goal is to make acquiring your permit as easy as possible. Your input will help us further streamline the process in the future. 


We will remind you periodically, until you register. Another good reason to do it now...

Kirsten, Wendy and Borough Council

p.s. Don't forget you can pay your Water, Sewer and Service Corp bills using e-Pay as well...

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