Shanksville Volunteer
Fire Department

The Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) relies on us for support. Volunteer Firefighters are a special breed of folks who risk their lives and limbs to protect our lives and properties; not just in case of fire, but in case of auto accidents, serious injuries or illness, and other potential catastrophes. They are a full-service Fire - Rescue - EMS organization. They even have a dive/water rescue team. They respond quickly.

Firefighters don't sell Subs, 50-50 Raffle Tickets, Pizza and Chicken because they like to... While fundraisers can be fun, we all know they do it to raise money so they can in turn save lives and property.

Please help. Many of us have first hand experience and an incredible depth of gratitude for their service. Someday you may get your turn; we hope not...

If you are not here full-time, that's OK; they are here whenever you are and we guarantee they will get to you faster in an emergency here than your 'home' Fire or EMS will... Just sayin'.

You can help by sending them a check for $50 or $100 or $200 and not make them feed you. You can also donate on-line via the button below, if you prefer.

Or, you can make a note of their various fundraisers or stop by and show your appreciation in person at the upcoming Community Picnic in August, Flight 93 Memorial Event in September, their Halloween Party in October or Light Up Night in December. See the flyer for details by clicking below.

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