February 14, 2022
BioNJ Statement on Governor Murphy’s Press Conference Announcing Healthcare Affordability Legislative Package

Earlier today, Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Troy Singleton and Assemblyman John McKeon announced a package of legislative bills intended to address the important topic of healthcare affordability. At BioNJ, we share Patient’s and others’ concerns about the affordability of healthcare. We support measures that will help to reduce Patients’ out of pocket costs, increase transparency across the entire supply chain, and at the same time, support critical medical innovation and Patient access. It is important that we develop policies that truly ensure savings for Patients and do not stifle innovation for future cures. We believe that through careful consideration and planning, each of these objectives can be achieved. BioNJ will review the proposed bills in order to gain a full understanding of each of the proposals and their implications and potential unintended consequences, but we stand ready to partner with the Governor and the Legislature to work toward these important underlying goals.

We need a holistic and systemwide approach to truly address this important issue. Now is not the time to stifle innovation through proposals that will do nothing to ensure savings for Patients by enacting price controls such as those proposed in Prescription Drug Affordability Board legislation.  

Click here for Governor Murphy's press release.

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