On the call with the Governor’s office this morning, the following was reported:

New Jersey Economic Development Authority is churning through the cadre of loan applications; Community Development Financial Institutions  ( CDFIs) are up and running; and the Entrepreneur Program is up and running with a great deal of interest. NJEDA is considering tools and resources they might need to support the recovery moving forward.

New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development is processing Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims. The first payments are expected to be issued on Friday and in the bank on Tuesday. This is the biggest part of the backlog of approximately 200,000 people. Those who have applied for UI and were denied will be the first round to go through. ( Click here for press release.)

The next step is getting the extended benefits programs up and running. 

The Governor will be issuing specifics around getting back to work in follow up to the principles he issued on Monday which were intended to inform decision making for the restart and recovery. It will be in line with regional states. It was noted that NJ and NY need to be extra cautious and well coordinated given proximity and volume of cases.

Yesterday, the Governor announced the establishment of a Commission which will think through macroeconomic impact and realities. There will be a New Jersey specific tactical advisory council to support the recovery on the ground in New Jersey which will likely be announced early next week. ( Click here for release.)

Today, the Governor signed an Executive Order allowing golf courses and county parks to reopen at sunrise on Saturday, May 2nd. Social distancing will continue to be mandated. ( Click here for article and here for Governor Murphy's tweet .)

Business intelligence is critical and the Governor’s office will release a survey in the next few days to help the restart.

Decisions for beaches openings will be in the coming weeks. 
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