March 28, 2020
Service Closed Commercial Pools
It is important to keep public pools maintained properly and serviced even when closed during COVID-19.
Regardless if the pool is being unused or is closed by the property manager or the county, regular maintenance should continue for the health of the pool, the public and to keep the pool running correctly.

FSPA encourages our members to reach out to their public pool management and let them know that their pools and spas must be maintained due to Florida Department of Health requirements.
Emergency Orders in Florida
Has your county issued an emergency order?

Follow these links here to find FSPA's highlighted emergency orders - please remember to print and give these orders out to your employees to keep in the work vehicles AND personal vehicles.

Alachua County

Osceola County

Pinellas County

Duval County/Jacksonville

Leon County

Palm Beach County

Marion County
Marion County Emergency Order

Hillsborough County

Building Office Operational Changes due to COVID-19
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