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Apple Tree Rates
Full Day: $62.00 per day
                $295.00 weekly

Half Day: $48.00 per day
        $230.00 weekly

Over nine hours: $8.00 per day
                              $35.00 weekly

Public Pre-k weekly tuition break: $95.88

Your calculations will need to be based on your current contracted days and hours.
Public Pre-K Funding Update
We have just been informed that we are able to change the way we are generating your statements and utilizing the public pre-k funds of $95.88 per week. This will be a benefit in your favor moving forward and may help decide if you will want/need to officially unenroll or not.

We are to take your child's full tuition and divide that by half, billing 50% to the state.  We then take the remainder 50% and subtract the $95.88 in public pre-k weekly funds to get the total amount parents will owe to hold their child's space. 


Your child attends 4 full days your cost is $248 per week.  That divided in half is $124. We will be billing $124.00 to the state. 

Your portion of the bill will be $124.00 subtract $95.88 pre-k funds to get your total of  $28.12 per week.  

If you are contracted for over nine hours, we are billing the state half of that amount as well.  4 days at over nine hours is an extra $32.00 per week ($16.00 will be billed to the state).  

In this example, your weekly total balance would be $140.00 prior to deducting pre-k funds of $95.88 making your total $44.12 per week.

If your child attends 3 or less days you would likely not have a bill at all, as your portion would be small enough to be fully covered by pre-k funding.  If you are over nine hours, you may have a small amount remaining.

We will make these changes effective April 27th, as we have already submitted all previous invoices to the state and can not retract what we have sent in.

Please do reach out to me in regards to your plans on keeping your child enrolled, or unenrolling them.  Keeping in mind if you unenroll I am required to seek to fill their space.  Unfortunately, I must begin enrolling for any vacant spaces next week.