September 2020
Volume 2, Issue No. 2
Back-to-the-Books Scholarship
Donations totaled $8,200 from 34 donors!

We will be able to award $5000 worth of scholarships this fall as well as continue our history of generous donations to National AAUW.

Thank you!
Amy Buonassisi, Book Sale Event Chair

If you know of someone who has returned to college and can use some financial aid, please make sure they get our flyer! We are looking for women to award scholarship money to.

They must be full-time or half-time students within one or two years of graduating, had a three-year break in their college education, and live in one of the five towns our branch serves. Those working on an undergraduate or graduate degree may be awarded $3,000 if a full-time student or $1,500 if a half-time student or if they are working on an Associates degree they may win $1,500 if a full-time student or $750 if a half-time student.
Scholarship applications may be obtained from Coleen Walter.

Please make copies of the flyer and hand out. The flyer is also available on our website and Facebook page.
National Fellowships & Grants

AAUW provided more than 200 awards and $3.5 million in funding for fellows and grantees in the 2020-21 award year. These exceptional recipients will pursue academic work and lead innovative community projects to empower women and girls.

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September Program

Wednesday, September 23 at 7 - 8 p.m. via Zoom

Autumn Geist is a mother, business owner, professional speech coach and community volunteer. She is also a woman of color and the proud mother of a police officer.

Autumn will be sharing her experience on racism, the importance of supporting BLM while also supporting law enforcement, and how to be an ally to people of color. Where do we go from here?

Register for this event here. You will receive a Zoom link via email on Monday, September 21st. If you register, but do not receive the link, please contact us at You may enter a waiting room as early as 6:30 p.m. and the presentation will start promptly at 7 p.m.
Ways & Means
Thank you to those that have participated in the past fundraisers. This is how we raise money to help cover our branch operating expenses.

Looking for a unique gift for a special person? It's never too early to start Christmas shopping! On September 24, 25, and 26 we will be hosting a fundraiser with The Collective lhe+Makery in Lisle. The Collective offers an eclectic variety of merchandise for you and your home. Shop for gifts, clothing, scarves, jewelry, paintings, coffee & tea, dishes, mugs and furniture-just to name a few! The Collective mainly sells items from local creators and businesses owned by women!

When you mention our branch when making a purchase, we will receive 10% on the first $600 of combined branch purchases (excludes taxes) and 15% on the combined branch purchases over $600!

The Collective lhe+Makery is located at 4724 Main Street in downtown Lisle. Store hours for the fundraiser are Th:10-6:30, F:10-6, Sa:10-4.

Don't feel comfortable with in-store shopping? This fundraiser includes orders placed on their website. They have 470 items on their website. They have curbside pick up or a branch member has offered to pick up your order and deliver it to your home. You can shop the website anytime during the 3 days of the fundraiser.
If you order on the website, please contact the store and tell them it is for the Downers Grove AAUW fundraiser, give them your last name, your order number, the amount of your order and let them know if you will be picking the order up yourself.

Autumn Geist is the proud owner and proprietor of The Collective lhe+Makery. If Autumn’s name sounds familiar, she is the speaker presenting our program on September 23. Whatever you are looking for, Autumn and her staff are happy to help you find the perfect item!

Tell a friend and bring a friend!

Our next restaurant fundraiser will be back at City Barbeque, 1034 W. Ogden Ave, Downers Grove on Tuesday, September 22. There are new rules so please read this article carefully.

They are open from 11 am - 8 pm, so you can still have lunch and dinner. Total branch purchases must be a minimum of $500 to receive any donation. City Barbeque will donate 20% of the food, beverage and bottled sauce sales of our group back to our organization. Gift cards, t-shirts, tax and orders places with 3rd party are not included in the percentage calculation.

You now have 3 ways to place your order:
  1. For on-line orders, you must enter our unique coupon code "FundA" prior to checkout on the website or in the City BBQ app.  You will need to login and create a City BBQ account if you do not already have one. Online orders may be placed at the Downers Grove City BBQ location on or prior to September 22, but must be delivered/picked up on September 22 to count for our fundraiser.
  2. For phone orders (630-869-1313) to the Downers Grove location, mention our coupon code "FundA" when making payment.
  3. For ordering in person you must present either a paper copy of the flyer or you can present an electronic version of the flyer with barcode and coupon code on your mobile device.
There is in-restaurant pick-up, curbside pick-up or you can have delivery (extra charge will apply). Let them know which you will be doing at checkout.

Please feel free to pass out or email flyers to neighbors, friends, family.
Future Meetings
Used Book Collections
Join Us!
Branch Membership includes access to over fifteen Interest Groups, leadership roles on the board and committees, planning and production of monthly public programs, the annual Equal Pay Day Rally as well as the Used Book Sale. PLUS State and National informational emails and opportunities!

Fill out the pdf attached here and mail it with a check OR join online.
Public Policy Update

Recently there have been programs celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment August 18, 1920 by the last of the necessary 36 states. I particularly enjoyed the 2-episode PBS series on “American Experience” called “The Vote.” These episodes are still available as YouTube videos
(Part I and Part II.) Whenever I hear a statement like “The 19th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote to all women in America,” however, I cringe.
In 2013 a Supreme Court ruling stripped away federal oversight of state election law from the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Need for this oversight in states with a history of discrimination was demonstrated by barriers to voting like the closure of 1688 polling places between 2012 and 2018. Last December Georgia removed 309,000 registered voters from the voter rolls, nearly 122,000 of which were under the state’s “use-it-or-lose-it” law. This followed the removal of 500,000 voters from their rolls in July of 2017, or 8% of those registered. Of these latter purged voters, 107,000 were similarly inactive. On December 6, 2019, a measure passed the US House of Representatives restoring these oversight protections, but it has run into a brick wall in the Senate.
Illinois has no such “use-it-or-lose-it” provision. Assuming you are registered to vote in DuPage County, you should have received a Vote by Mail Application, but if not, here is a link to that document so you can print it, fill it out, and mail it in. Directions on how to vote by mail provided by the League of Women Voters are here. Illinois online voter registration can be done by holding your smart phone camera over the QR code at the top of this column OR by clicking here. If you register online however, and if you vote in person either at an early voting site or on November 3 at the polls, be prepared to show identification and to take the extra time for signature capture. Additional information may be found at the DuPage County Election Division of the County Clerk’s office

The Downers Grove Public Library is presenting a program called “Safe, Secure, and Accessible Elections” on September 3 from 7-8pm. To register, click here!
The DG Library also has helpful information on their Voters’ Corner at the link here. You can check your registration, find out what you need to register and get important dates related to voting.

Emily Owens, Appointed Officer, Public Policy with Harriett Lindstrom
National Equity Network

An inclusive learning community with a single goal: Equity for all. The Equity Network is advancing the conversation and leading the charge! Connect with individuals who share your commitment to inclusion— and who want to do something about it.

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Become an AAUW Two-Minute Activist!

Send emails and texts to your legislators to fight for equal pay, family leave, stopping sexual harassment, equality in education and more. Sign up to get regular alerts to be able to take timely action.

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Kim Venzon, VP Communications
2020-2021 BRANCH BOARD
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AAUW Greatest Needs Fund

This fund allows AAUW to respond rapidly, in our communications and advocacy, to critical issues affecting women as they emerge. Giving to Greatest Needs is a great way to ensure AAUW’s continued visibility, relevance and sustainability.

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Planned Giving - AAUW : Empowering Women Since 1881

Charitable gift annuities, often called CGAs, can be a wonderful way to help AAUW provide for the next generation of women. In addition to the benefits of making a gift to the organization, you will receive fixed payments for the rest of your life.

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Liz Moore and Associates - Real Estate. Reinvented.

Liz Moore and Associates, LLC is dedicated to making accessibility a priority. We are reaching out to our partners in an attempt to better provide products and services that are accessible to all users regardless of ability.

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Law Office of Eileen R. Fitzgerald

Growing older can bring about a wide range of legal concerns. I am an elder law attorney with more than 30 years of experience serving clients with compassionate and effective legal guidance.

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Home to a Better Mortgage Experience 2020 - Compass Mortgage

Have you wondered why Compass Mortgage? What makes them different from any other lender? At Compass Mortgage we are committed to outstanding customer service and building life-long customer relationships.

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2014, 2015, 2016 Houzz Award Winner - Gailani Design Inc

Since 1992, Gailani Designs Inc. has been creating fully customized window treatments, bedding, and other soft furnishings for residential and business clients in Naperville, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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CRS Designs Inc.

CRS Designs, Inc. by Connie Rabias-Sbarboro is a full service Chicago area interior design firm. A Certified Kitchen Designer and Licensed Residential Interior Designer, Connie Rabias-Sbarboro has been designing beautiful interiors since 1987.

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Dusty Dreams Music by Sharon West

Sharon West brings an original and new sound to New Age music which blends elements of classical, jazz and electronic music. She composes music and songs that help people to relax, rejuvenate and find comfort in the world today.

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