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Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.

Volume 1, Issue No. 7 / February 2020
Tuesday, February 11, 2020
6:30 PM SOCIAL plus JEWELRY/BOOK RAFFLE for Ways & Means
What is NCCWSL?

Join us to learn more about the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. Two local young women (one from Benedictine and and one from North Central) used scholarships from the Naperville Branch to attend the conference last year and will share their experiences.
The next Used Book Collection is March 14. It is the penultimate collection before the sale!

For complete details about Used Book Collections and the Sale, please see visit our website.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the branch by participating in the restaurant and book raffle fundraisers. For our fundraiser in January at City BBQ, we raised $200. I will schedule another restaurant fundraiser in March. In the meantime, please participate in the Book and Jewelry Raffle at our upcoming meetings. Thank you.

Coleen Walter, Chair Ways and Means
AAUW Salary Negotiation Programs

As an AAUW Member, you’re an ambassador, helping to build relationships with the public. Please login and explore WorkSmart with your email address & default password of Salary1. Empower the women in your life by directing them to

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Every member of our branch is like a piece of a puzzle; each has a job to do and contributes to the whole. Some jobs are "official," like being on the board or on a committee, and some are "member-at-large" in nature, whereby some people belong to interest groups, some attend general meetings and programs, some help sort books, and some do a combination of all these things and more. However much or "little" a member participates, each member and role is still important and valued. Each is connected in several ways with other members, from sharing views on women's equality to promoting women's education and espousing other AAUW causes and beliefs.

Let us all thank and appreciate each other for whatever we do, however often, however "big" or "small" the contribution. You all matter. We all matter. Together, we create a whole picture - of a branch that is thriving and active- of a branch that has an impressive history, a laudable present, and a very promising future. DG Area Branch of AAUW Members, keep up the good work.

Joyce Tumea with Mary Ann Dion, Co-Presidents
During the week of January 21 our voter registrars, in partnership with the LWV of DG, Woodrige, & Lisle and the Lisle Women’s Club, processed 262 new voter registrations. We held events at 6 local high schools, including Downers Grove North HS (pictured), Downers Grove South HS, Lisle HS, Westmont HS, Hinsdale Central HS and Benet Academy. Thanks so much to those branch members who helped: Sue Stealey, Mary Ann Dion, Amy Buonassisi (pictured), Jackie Ziff (pictured), Susan Becker, and Mary-Jo Wolsky. Special thanks to the team leaders at each site!

edited from an article written by Becky Hatch-Prochaska,
LWV Voter Services Chair
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Kim Venzon, VP Communications
Learn to Spot Fake News

We sometimes feel overwhelmed by emotionally charged social media posts. We know some of it is false, but how can we tell fact from fiction? Peter Adams, Vice-President for Education of the non-partisan non-profit News Literacy Project, spoke to a meeting of the League of Women Voters of Downers Grove, Woodridge, and Lisle on January 23. (See a video from the meeting here.) He gave those present some illustrations of how sophisticated the manufactured postings can be and of how to spot fakes. 

There is hope! It is up to all of us to be critical observers and not circulate fakes. Postings can inflame emotions and generate traffic that these sources can use to monetize their postings. Yes, they make money when their misinformation is passed on! The more outrageous and offensive, the more likely they are to be passed on to others!  The News Literacy Project has programs to train teachers and librarians and to teach students to identify quality journalism with identified sources and to understand the First Amendment guarantees and the oversight role of a free press.
Emily Owens, Appointed Officer, Public Policy
Downers Grove Area (IL) Branch

AAUW is a community that breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women have a fair chance. Your membership makes AAUW's powerful voice even stronger on critical issues affecting women and girls.

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Please help TECH SAVVY by sharing this flyer with any schools, places of worship, friends, and family that might read it and further share it. We will be opening registration soon for girls and parents.

Mary-Jo Bryan Wolsky, Co-chair Tech Savvy IL 2020
Vice President Program DGAAUW
From an informal and incomplete survey of annual President Reports, history compilations, & select newsletters

Over the years, with funding and people power, our branch has supported, and in some cases continues to support, both individuals and other organizations in our community. The following are just a few highlights!

In our early years, we had many awards we would confer upon Downers Grove students. Everything from baking contests to math awards to awarding books to outstanding English students. We even sponsored an ERA essay writing contest! The history of our biggest community contribution, the Used Book Sale, will be highlighted in June. Take a look at this page from the " AAUW History" for more community activities.

We held joint meetings with the League of Women Voters as far back as 1953/1954! It appears that the idea of a school board caucus was explored along with the League of Women Voters beginning in 1953. The “History of Downers Grove Branch A. A. U. W.” noted that in 1955/1956 our branch helped to form the school board caucus and promptly nominated one of our own, Roberta Corbin, when there were no men on the original slate! Our most recent cooperative efforts were the new Voter Registration events held at area high schools last month and we will partner with them again in April for the Equal Pay Day Rally.

On September 2, 1993, the PriMerry Players presented “Laudable Ladies,” the first of many “read-'n-actment” programs with a special emphasis on women’s history. In a literal tale of "telephone," this original program was publicized as “A Lot of Old Ladies” due to a miscommunication during a phone conversation! The branch will again join forces with PriMerry Players for our program next month as "Stirring Stories of Women in STEM" is presented.

Beginning in 2005, volunteers were routinely requested for events produced by Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence, an independent group initiated by a branch member. An annual $50 donation was given to HGNA through 2012/2013. They recently changed their name along with a shift in mission to Navigate Adolescence.

The 2008/2009 budget includes a $500 donation to “Latina Conference” which established the branch as one of four area branches to support Dare to Dream: Get Educated! It is now an independent non-profit that has just completed its 12th conference with help from our branch funds and volunteers.

A November 2014 ALERT article about the inaugural Tech Savvy conference (a project of the online-only Jane Addams Branch founded by a branch member) announces that four of the planning committee members for the next year will be DG Area branch members. Our own Program VP continues as the Co-Chair for this event and other branch members are key players. Our monetary donation was increased at our most recent board meeting.

We were not strangers to bringing STEM activities to area youth as our branch was a regular source of volunteers for the DuPage Regional Office of Education STEM events.

We have long used our public programs to highlight local area organizations doing good work that supports our mission. A short list of those groups from the Past Programs section of our website includes Family Shelter Services, NAMI, DuPage PADS, FISH Pantry, People’s Resource Center, Literacy DuPage, and the Sudanese Community Association of Illinois.

Research by Kim Venzon, Deb Harris, and Mary-Jo Bryan Wolsky
along with input and phrasing from Kate Skegg & Joyce Tumea
2019-2020 BRANCH BOARD
APPOINTED OFFICERS * AAUW FUNDS: Education Coleen Walter & NCCWSL Harriett Lindstrom * PUBLIC POLICY Emily Owens * COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVE Jennifer Weggeman
How to Support AAUW's Mission

Every gift to AAUW has an impact - but your dollars go furthest when they support funds critical to our mission. A donation to the Greatest Needs Fund will help expand community-based, mission-driven programs such as Start Smart and NCCWSL.

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AAUW Legacy Circle

By making a planned gift to AAUW national, you become a member of the AAUW Legacy Circle and affirm your commitment to women and girls. Planned gifts expand AAUW's programs and public policy agenda by providing for future generations.

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Growing older can bring about a wide range of legal concerns. You may want to plan for your family's future or take measures to protect a certain standard of living in your upcoming days and years. You may also be interested in taking measures to ...

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