Draft code language on group living updates now available for public review

The public review draft of the proposed text amendments to the Denver Zoning Code that would update rules on residential uses is now available for review and comment. This draft reflects revisions made to the proposal in response to public input received at open houses in February and March. Highlights include reducing the number of unrelated people who can share a home and adding off-street parking requirements, among a number of other changes. The linked resources below include a summary of the changes.

How to submit comments on the draft

Next steps
All comments received during the public review period will be reviewed by staff, who may make additional changes to the draft amendments based on community input. All comments will also be shared with the Denver Planning Board ahead of the board's review of the amendments.  

Want to watch an overview presentation of the project?
The project team will present an informational item to the Denver Planning Board on Wednesday, July 29. This presentation, which is informational only and will not involve a vote by the board, is meant to provide members an overview of the project to date ahead of their review of the draft text amendment, tentatively scheduled for mid-August.

To watch, tune in to Channel 8 or Denver8.tv at 3 p.m., July 29.
About the Group Living Project
Denver has an immediate need for housing. With the evolving needs of our residents in mind, the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, the renewed push for addressing issues of race and equity, and changes to other housing regulations, city planners has been working with an advisory committee to evaluate the Denver Zoning Code’s rules for “group living.” This evaluation has included a review of land uses and definitions for: households, community corrections facilities, shelters for the homeless, residential care homes, new uses like tiny home villages, and more. Based on this evaluation, planners will recommend updates to the zoning code for some or all of these housing types.