Public Safety
City, State, and Federal Officials Announce New Strategies to Protect Chicago's Neighborhoods 
Dear Neighbors,

Mayor Lightfoot and federal, state, and county law enforcement officials today announced a public safety strategy to address the recent violence in our city. The safety of our neighbors and community is my top priority, and I and my colleagues have insisted on changes. The plan, developed in collaboration with expert stakeholders, is based on public safety best practices and lessons learned from this summer.

The Mayor agreed that not only businesses were affected, but that "Streeterville, Old Town, River North, the Gold Coast - are neighborhoods as well. Over 100,000 residents live in the downtown area," many of which are our 43rd Ward constituents.

The Mayor acknowledged that what happened Sunday night "should never have happened," and pledged that the City and its law enforcement partners "must and will do better."

Here is the plan:

1) Enhanced use of technology and data analytics

a. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is launching a specialized, 20-person unit focused on around-the-clock review of open source social media activity that might indicate plans for looting. This proactive monitoring will provide the crucial information public safety agencies need to learn of planned activities as early as possible and to respond quickly and appropriately.

b. Every officer on duty this weekend will have body worn cameras. 500 additional body worn cameras will be delivered in the next week to keep expanding coverage. This is important to ensure complete transparency in the event of a police-involved shooting or other incident.

2) Rapid and agile resource deployment

a. Should police learn of any planned looting, CPD officers from the impacted district, the Critical Response Team, and the Community Safety team will be deployed immediately.

b. Additional City resources - such as vehicles from Streets and Sanitation, CDOT and the Water Department - will be mobilized to assist CPD to maintain control of the area through tactics such as traffic control, ensuring CPD has adequate coverage to protect businesses. Illinois State Police will be deployed to shut down areas of access to the city in an emergency, and Cook County Sheriffs will be immediately deployed to neighborhoods to assist in violence reduction efforts.
3) Integrated and faster approach to geographic lockdowns,

a. Should a lockdown be needed, CPD is actively partnering with City agencies to deploy new and enhanced ways to shut down targeted areas - including parts of the Central Business District. These tactics include blocking and disabling vehicles as well as creating new hardened cityscapes (such as bollards and improved concrete structures) to limit movement.

b. CPD will accelerate proactive contact with the business community to allow CPD to respond faster and communicate more effectively with businesses impacted by emergency updates, including stores, buildings, Chambers of Commerce and others. We encourage all businesses and condominium buildings to sign up for the CHIBIZ Alert. This is a very helpful service to alert you of emergencies.

4) Stronger community partnerships 

a.  CPD’s Community Policing team will be working even more closely with community leaders to keep our city safe from looting, destruction and other criminal activity. As discussed below, CPD is seeking information and video in its efforts to prosecute looters.

b. The city will conduct weekly operations meetings, including weekly intelligence-sharing meetings with business associations and owners to share observations, improve coordination, and better prepare for potential incidents. This effort will also include full integration of the business community in the Office of Emergency Management and Communications’ Summer Operations Center.

5)     Robust legal actions 

a. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and CPD have formed a special detective task force for looting cases. Police and agents are reviewing video coverage of looting incidents and will be tracking down the identifies of these offenders and identifying their cars for prosecution and seizure. The public is encouraged to assist by reviewing video from the incidents, which can be found here at CPD’s recently launched website.

b. A prosecutors' Task Force on Looting will work in close partnership with the FBI, Illinois State Police, U.S. Attorney's Office, Cook County Sheriff and State's Attorney to ensure that individuals are held accountable for their actions.

As many of you know, I am critical of States Attorney Kim Foxx, but today I support her commitment to working with the City and Police now to keep our streets safe from the activity that shocked so many of us on Sunday night. The State's Attorney has offered their assistance in ensuring CPD is able to bring appropriate charges that get past felony review and are fully prosecuted. Forty-three of the 44 cases presented to her office this week were charged as felonies. This sends a clear message across the city.
Additional Support in the 43rd Ward

Our Police Commanders have worked closely with us throughout the summer to ensure that the 43rd Ward and areas immediately surrounding it will have adequate protective resources. As we have written in earlier newsletters, the current manpower is adequate to maintain "beat integrity" in our community so that police can respond to local 911 calls.

Additionally, I have decided to dedicate some of the discretionary "menu" funds that each alderman controls to purchase additional cameras at key locations in our community. We are also helping Alcott Elementary School fund external security cameras. Some cameras are already been installed, but the commanders of the 18th and 19th Districts will be telling us the best locations for the additional cameras. We are confident this will be accomplished quickly.

We also encourage you to install external cameras with either connect to the Chicago Police Department directly, or that you can download footage quickly. For details on this program, click here.

What You Can Do To Help
Police Tip Page

Here are five ways we can help:

  • Look at video and help police identify looters and criminals:

CPD has launched a a website that compiles all available videos from this weeks looting, and allows residents to view the videos and help police identify perpetrators. You can view those videos here.

  • Submit a Tip to police, anonymously

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has launched a TipSubmit page which allows anyone to report a tip to the police from your computer or cell phone, safely and confidentially.

While the encrypted site keeps the tip and the source confidential, those submitting tips are provided with a code that can be used to check on any updates related to the case.

  • Call 911
We can't say this enough: if you see something suspicious or if you are in fear, call 911.

  • Send in your video

Do you have video of a criminal incidents? Send it to

  • Let CPD know what you see on social media.

If you become aware of potential criminal activity on social media, please send it to the Chicago Police. Send it to

  • Be a court advocate

Time and again, our Court Advocates have helped ensure that victims of crime are represented and that criminal defendants receive justice. Please volunteer. Email us at and we will connect you.
Restricted Access to Downtown Continues This Weekend

As part of the plan to address public safety, the city will continue to temporarily restrict access downtown This evening through Monday, August 17 at 6 a.m., access will be temporarily restricted from 9 p.m. - 6 a.m. 

The restricted access is NOT a curfew. All residents, workers and employers whose businesses are located there will have access at all times. 

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) is coordinating efforts with various city departments and sister agencies on the response. 

As part of the restricted access, the following measures will be in place until further notice:    

Lake Shore Drive will be closed between:  
  • Fullerton Avenue (in-bound/out-bound ramps) on the North and I-55 on the South  
  • Belmont (in-bound ramp only)    
Downtown Bridges (all bridges will be up by 9 p.m. with the exception of the following):    
  • LaSalle Street  
  • Harrison Street  
  • Ida B. Wells / Congress Bridge (West Bound Open Only)  
  • Lake Shore Drive  
  • Columbus Avenue  
  • Kinzie Street  
  • Grand Avenue  
Access Points for residents and employees of area businesses:  
  • Harrison Street  
  • Chicago Avenue and Halsted Street  
  • Roosevelt Road and Canal Street  
  • Kinzie Street and Halsted Street  
  • LaSalle Street  
Expressway Closures:  
  • All entrance and exit expressway ramps leading to I-90/94 between Roosevelt Road and Division Street will be closed in both directions, including the I-55 Chinatown Feeder northbound at Cermak and I-290 eastbound at Halsted.  
  • Rail Service will be impacted at the following locations, with trains not entering the area surrounding downtown: Fullerton Avenue to 47th and east of Halsted Street  
  • Bus Service will remain open at this time. Some buses will see reroutes due to bridge and street closures.  
  • Divvy Service will not be available from North Avenue to Ashland Avenue and Cermak Road between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.  

Access points are designated for residents, all workers and employers whose businesses are located within the designated boundaries, individuals who reside in the surrounding area and residents engaged in essential activities. 
Entrance into the perimeter will be manned by officers with the Chicago Police Department. When arriving at the access points, residents and employees should show identification or proof that they live in the area and/or work in the area.    

Area businesses and restaurants will be open, and the open dining program will be in full operation.
Covid Update

As the Chicago Tribune reported yesterday, we passed a sad milestone. The 1824 new reported cases pushed Illinois past 200,000 cases, and the 24 new confirmed deaths raises that count to 7696.

As cases continue to rise, the governor has said that scaling back reopening measures is a real possibility. I am asking everyone to please continue to do your part. Wear a mask, be vigilant, our behavior will dictate whether we are able to continue to move forward, or whether stricter measures are reimposed to control further spread.
Outdoor Dining Options This Weekend

Feast on Lincoln
Saturday 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Catch a coffee and bagel Sunday morning, a pita for lunch and evenings in a socially-distanced and safe setting at these restaurants:

Patio on Schubert
Friday 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Sunday 3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Neighborhood favorites Sapori Trattoria, Tandoor Charhouse, and Mayan Palace have a spot reserved for you on Schubert this weekend.
What's Open for Business?

With a slow and steady return to business, we wanted to highlight businesses that are up and running. Please send us an email at and let us know you're open for business!
Support our Neighborhood Restaurants

Please patronize our neighborhood businesses as much as possible and try to order directly from the restaurant. Thanks to all you who are writing to us to include your favorite restaurants. Keep it coming!

New now: Several restaurants on the Lakefront are now open, including:

Lakefront (in Theater on the Lake)
Whispers (on Oak Street Beach)

Keep an eye out for our community and for our neighbors; we are all in this together.

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