October 1, 2015
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HART New Pilot Program
Public transportation has really enhanced personal opportunities for millions of riders all over the nation. Whether used for a worker's commute, ride to the supermarket or worry free transportation for a night on the town, it has become an integral part of day to day life in America and the demand for additional buses and services are ever growing.
     Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) is one agency that is answering the call for expanded service. In partnership with Megabus, HART is rolling out a new express service that runs from the Burnett Park-n-Ride to the Marion Transit Center. Starting TODAY, the route is planned to run six times daily (three inbound plus three outbound) seven days a week.  HART CFO, Jeff Steward hopes the pilot program will be a catalyst in furthering support of public transportation in Hillsborough County. 
     Coachcrafters is honored to help transportation agencies like HART, keep their buses running at top performance so that they may continue to expand and enhance their services for their riders. For information on our array of repair and rehabilitation services, please visit our website at www.coachcrafters.com

Source: www.masstransitmag.com

Grow with Public Transport and Create Liveable Cities

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Q: How were the first bycicles powered by?
A: Pushing the feet against the ground

*(The first bicycles, much like scooters, were powered by pushing the feet against the ground. Foot pedals were added in Scotland in 1839.)


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