July 2, 2020
My Brothers and Sisters,

As many of our churches prepare to resume public worship this week, or in coming weeks, there is a matter which I should have had in my letter of last week but didn't. It is this: You must make a list of everyone who attends each worship service or gathering, and date and keep the lists, so that if there is an outbreak of COVID which can be tied to your church you will be able to give this information to contact tracers who must track down the source of infections. Someone should stand at the entrance and record the names as people arrive. It is also important that you let people know that their names will be given, if requested, to contact tracers should there be a COVID outbreak connected to the church. Not everyone will be comfortable with that, but in the Diocese of New York we will fully cooperate with those in governance who are trying to control this disease. Thank you. Bless you,
Dietsche sig
The Right Reverend Andrew ML Dietsche
Bishop of New York