Public masses return this weekend in limited capacity!
Note: Some masses will be outside and indoor masses will be severely limited. Attendance on first come, first served basis.

Communion will NOT be distributed at this time at any mass. And the obligation to attend Sunday mass is still lifted.

Those who are sick, at risk, or do not feel comfortable attending in person are encouraged to continue joining us via livestream.

Read on for Fr. Lawrence's message and the guidelines that must be followed by attendees.
Reopening for Pentecost - Message from Fr. Lawrence

Greetings and Happy ( almost ) Pentecost, the day which we celebrate the birth of the Church. We celebrate the special gift of the Holy Spirit from God the Father and God the Son, in which we join as one Holy Church to rejoice in God’s love for us. Pentecost reminds us about God’s actions in our lives. For fifty days after the resurrection or after the Passover meal, the apostles had not been preaching but as soon as they received the Holy Spirit, they started speaking in different languages and were courageous enough to go out and take the message of God to so many people. They bravely preached the message of Christ. These were the apostles who were cowards on Good Friday, along with Peter, who denied Him three times. It is the same Peter that boldly and courageously preached and so many people were converted. It tells us what the Holy Spirit can do. Holy Spirit enables us to do what we cannot do on our own. We have received the Holy Spirit at our baptism, let us renew that Holy Spirit as we celebrate Pentecost today. When the human spirit fails, the Holy Spirit fills.
As we know, directives have come to us regarding the reopening of our worship life. It is good that we start our own gradual reopening of our public worship, mindful of the spiritual and safety of everyone. If there is anyone who wants the church pews to be filled with many people, that is me. But that sounds like a wishful thought for now. We will open gradually in line with the restriction of the State and Diocesan authorities. This restriction is meant with the respect for human life and health. Please I would plead with you once again to be patient with us as we look for the best way to serve you while making sure that everyone is safe. 

Since this pandemic started, I have opened our church for people to come in for their private prayers. We have maintained cleaning and sanitizing the Church every evening. This will continue to take place. We ask that you cooperate with our efforts to maintain a safe campus by adhering to the guidelines that are written below.

The State restrictions mandate only 10 people in the Church and sanitizing the Church at the end of every mass before the start of next mass. There is no doubt that this restriction may be changing soon, but considering what we have now, we will be having masses this weekend, but s ome of our masses will be conducted in the Church parking lot at McKeon Avenue . You can bring your own chair to the parking lot or sit in your car while maintaining the required social distance and wearing your mask. Following the guideline from the diocese, there will not be distribution of Holy Communion for now , but this will change in the future so please remember to be patience with us.

This weekend our mass schedule is as follows:
  • 5:00 pm Mass on Saturday (parking lot)
  • 8:00 am on Sunday (parking lot)
  • 9:30 am Spanish Mass (parking lot)
  • 11:00 am on Sunday (Church – limit of 10 people)
  • 5:00 pm on Sunday (Church – limit of 10 people)
  • Note there is no (public) 12:30 mass at this time
Due to the restriction of sanitizing the Church after each mass and the limited number of people we are permitted to have in the church, we cannot celebrate all of our masses in the church for now. Please know that this schedule may change in the future . I thank all those who have volunteered to help us on Sundays in cleaning the Church and helping as ushers as well. We still looking for more volunteers. Let us know if you are interested in helping us. 

Please read and carefully observe the following rules :
  • Please know that the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday mass remains in effect. Please if you are sick or have fever, etc, it is highly advisable that you stay home and get connected to us through our Facebook page, our web page, and YouTube.
  • Anyone more than two years of age are required to wear mask in the Church to protect themselves and others. Masks must be worn properly, covering both nose and mouth. Anyone with serious health conditions that prevent them from wearing mask are not required to do so and are advised to remain home in any case.  
  • Wash or sanitize your hands before coming to Church and sanitize as soon as you leave the church or get home. We have dispensers at the entrances of the church. It is advisable to have your own personal sanitizer with you as well.  
  • All the doors in the church will be kept open 20 minutes before any mass on Sundays; please refrain from touching the doors.  
  • Collection baskets will be placed at the doors of the church and can be dropped off as you leave mass.
  • Do not use the bathroom unless you really must do so.  
  • No books or hymnals will be in the pews. And no one will be giving out bulletins or handing out anything to people. A digital worship aide will be made available (the link to download will be emailed on Saturday and likewise posted to Facebook and the parish webpage). If you choose to print this aide, please discard it after mass and do not leave it in the church.
  • Avoid touching any statues, images, or the big cross close to the Tabernacle.   
  • All Holy Water fonts at the entrances of the Church and baptismal font will remain empty. We are working on making vials of holy water available as needed. Contact the parish office with your need.
Our Daily Masses :
Starting on Monday, June 1, people can join in our daily mass but bear in mind that this number cannot be more than ten people and there will be no reception of Holy Communion . Each person at this Mass must wear mask or facial covering
Funerals, Wedding and Baptisms :
Also beginning Monday, June 1 We will also be returning to conduct funerals, baptisms and wedding ceremonies with immediate family members only and not more than ten people while maintaining the required social distancing and wearing mask.  

It is disheartening to us all that the current state of affairs mandates these rules and restrictions in the Church, but it is real. I wish I can do something to alleviate all these, but it is something that we all must do together. We are in this together. I thank you all for complying to these necessary precautions and for your patience. We are grateful to all our healthcare workers and to everyone who put their life in the front line of this pandemic. Please know that we are in this together; let us help to stop the spread of this disease.   
Lastly, remember that our major source of income is our weekly collections. We are relying on your financial support to help the needy, pay our bills, and pay salaries. You can use our online parish giving or drop your contribution at the parish office. Details regarding e-giving are also in bulletin. Ans we thank those of you that have been able to continue generously supporting us during this difficult time. Please be patient with us as we gradually open our public worship. Let us call upon the Holy Spirit to help us navigate this period for where the human spirit fails, the Holy Spirit fills. Always be assured of my prayers.

At your service and His,

Fr. Lawrence
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