Publicizing a chapter event
There is no time like the present to start publicizing a chapter event. You don't need all the details in order first.  Start generating interest. Start to promote the things you are sure of - what event is about, the sponsors, or just a vague idea such as "coming soon" or "save the date". 

is the means of conveying information through the media.  It  has only one purpose - to get certain information across to as many people as possible within the shortest time frame. The best time to plan for event publicity is during the planning of the event itself.

There are two major types of publicity - offline and online. Offline is done without the internet and includes print media such as newsletters, postcards, fliers. Online publicity is done through any internet-based platform and includes email marketing, websites, social media.  Social media has become one of the most common forms of publicity.

publicity is a key component of event marketing strategy, it is different from marketing because there often is no message beyond letting an audience know that the event will be happening. Such strategies often precede more specific marketing of the event. 

Event Publicity           
  1.  Develop a publicity committee.        
  2.  Brainstorm creative publicity schedule.
  3.  Create a special invitation w/RSVP link.
  4.  Develop graphics scheme and layout.
  5.  Hang posters and/or print flyers. 
  6.  Post event on your chapter website.
  7Create a dedicated web page for event.
  8. Send information to Pam Patterson, IISE Chapter Leader News.
  9. Keep the messaging simple and easy to understand.
10. Use key words that generate anticipation and excitement.

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