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2018 Gund-Harrington Scholar Award

Grant Program Seeks to Hasten the Development of Vision-Restoring Therapies..

The Gund-Harrington Initiative for Fighting Blindness announces the call for proposals for the 2018 Gund-Harrington Scholar Award. The Gund-Harrington Scholar Award supports innovative research efforts that could prevent, treat or cure blindness resulting from inherited retinal degenerative diseases. The Gund-Harrington Scholar Award is part of the Gund-Harrington Initiative for Fighting Blindness and sponsored by Foundation Fighting Blindness and Harrington Discovery Institute.

The competition is open to investigators at accredited academic medical centers, research institutions and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Applicants must have a PhD or MD degree (or equivalent) and demonstrate exceptional promise.

Letters of Intent are now being accepted through midnight on October 25, 2017.

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Gut Bacteria Can Fluctuate With the Seasons

The discovery, in a study of hunter-gatherers in Africa, eventually may help scientists learn how modern diets have affected health..

Among the Hadza of western Tanzania, a few hundred people still live in small groups as hunter-gatherers, reliant solely on the wild environment for food. Smits et al. found that the microbiota of these people reflects the seasonal availability of different types of food (see the Perspective by Peddada). Between seasons, striking differences were observed in their gut microbial communities, with some taxa apparently disappearing, only to reappear when the seasons turned. Further comparison of the Hadza microbiota with that of diverse urbanized peoples revealed distinctly different patterns of microbial community composition..

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Publish and prosper

Authors who publish peer-reviewed papers in top-flight journals can receive hefty cash payments, depending on where they live.

An informal survey—by no means comprehensive—turned up lucrative incentives paid by institutions or government agencies around the globe.

Scientists at Chinese institutions stand to make a small fortune if a paper they write appears in journals with high citation impacts. A recent analysis posted to arXiv showed that, on average, Chinese universities offer first authors more than $43,000 for publishing a paper in Science or Nature, with the top reward for such a paper reaching a knee-wobbling $165,000. In most cases in China, cash incentives are paid to the first author.

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Physician-Scientists -Award

2018 Mechthild Esser Nemmers Prize

Mechthild Esser Nemmers Prize in Medical Science is awarded to a physician-scientist whose body of research exhibits outstanding achievement in medical science as demonstrated by works of lasting significance. This biennial prize of $200,000 is one of the five Nemmers Prizes administered by Northwestern University.

Candidacy for the 2018 Nemmers Prize is open to physician-scientists whose body of research exhibits outstanding achievement in their disciplines as demonstrated by works of lasting significance. Individuals of all nationalities and institutional affiliations were eligible except current or recent members of the Northwestern University faculty and recipients of the Nobel Prize.

Nominations for the 2018 prize are being accepted through November 1, 2017. The winner will be announced in Spring 2018.

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