Magna cum Murder

Crime Writing Festival


October 19-21, 2018 

The Columbia Club, Indianapolis, IN


Guest of Honor ~ Reavis Z. Wortham

International Guest of Honor ~ Peter Lovesey

Sponsored by 
Ball State University
Muncie, Indiana

Magna cum Murder
Kathryn Kennison

Steering Committee
Mara Higgins
Amanda Lindsay
Ruthie Lucas
Mary McGhee
Arthur Soto
Diane Watters
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The Purloined Puzzle: 
A Puzzle Lady Mystery

Look at this great review from Publishers Weekly in the January 1, 2018, edition, for our very own Parnell Hall's newest book.

Clever banter elevates Edgar-finalist Hall's 19th mystery featuring Bakerhaven, Conn., puzzle lady Cora Felton (after 2017's A Puzzle to Be Named Later). When 16-year-old Peggy Dawson approaches Cora with a crossword puzzle that the girl thinks is important to solve, Cora foists her off on Harvey Beerbaum, a crossword expert. After the puzzle disappears, Harvey refers Peggy to police chief Dale Harper. Naturally, the puzzle, when found, connects to a murder-that of stabbing victim Fred Winkler-as does a bloody knife found by Peggy's brother, Johnny, in his room. The police settle on Johnny as a suspect in Winkler's death, but then find an even better one: Cora's ex-husband, Melvin Crabtree, whose planned tell-all book, Confessions of a Trophy Husband: My Life with the Puzzle Lady, threatens Cora's secret-that she's the public face for the crossword puzzles created by her niece Sherry Grant. A barrage of insults, put-downs, confusions, and double entendres will keep fans of light humorous mysteries happily turning the pages. (Release date March, 2018)