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     From the Desk of CEO
Deborah E. Gordon


Why worldwide distribution is important.


Our clients often ask, "If my book is written in English-why should I be concerned about worldwide distribution?"


The answer lies in an analysis of the world population and their primary and secondary language based on their census reports and other studies. Obviously, English is the native language for the US, UK, most of  Canada, Ireland,  Australia, and New Zealand.


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     It's an exciting time! During the past few weeks we ranked number one at publisherrank.com, launched mobiuswriter.com and put another award-winner's eBook into orbit during a busy month for Children's books!

First Edition Design Publishing Placed First In eBook and POD Publisher Study  


We racked up highest marks in every category including customer satisfaction, royalty rates, technical ability, services and overall recommendation.


     First Edition Design Publishing scored the highest in a comparative survey of ten top POD (Print On Demand) and eBook publishers. The independent study, using subjective and objective methods,  analyzed:  pricing, royalty pay-out rates, publisher's websites, length of time in business, help available to authors, response time to inquiries, the ability to reach someone by phone, marketing services, customer base, turn-around time, file submission requirements, range of distribution, and other areas.


     "News of the report came to us during the week of Book Expo America in New York," said Tom Gahan, Marketing Director for First Edition Design Publishing. "The timing is curious. We're not sure if the survey was done to coincide with Book Expo (America). Nonetheless, we've checked their findings. The facts are  spot on."


     The study, posted on-line at www.publisherrank.com , was researched and compiled by the PMG Associates, an independent research firm.


     First Edition Design Publishing's CEO, Deborah E. Gordon said in response to the news of the publisherrank.com  study, "To provide our clients with the best service possible. To offer choices, listen to our client's needs, and offer solutions that work-that is the principle the company was founded on and it is something we take very seriously. I believe that is what keeps us at the forefront of the game. I am very proud to say that our entire organization takes those words to heart and acts upon them accordingly." 

First Edition Design Publishing Sends Award-Winner's eBook Into Orbit  


     First Edition Design Publishing  has released Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie by award winning author Darren Sardelli, ISBN 9781622870196, in eBook format.  FEDP submitted the eBook to over 100,000 distribution points including on-line retailers, libraries, schools, colleges and universities in more than 100 countries.


      Darren commented about his experience with First Edition Design Publishing, "When I thought about converting my book into an eBook, I figured it would be a difficult task. First Edition Design Publishing proved me wrong! Once I sent them my book, they took care of everything for me. They answered all my questions, provided incredible service, and most importantly, treated me like a family member. I'm extremely thankful and grateful for First Edition Design Publishing!"


     Award winning poet and children's book author, Darren

Galazy Pizza and Meteor Pie by Award-winning Author Darren Sardelli
Galaxy Pizza abd Meteor Pie 
by Award Winning Author 
Darren Sardelli

Sardelli, makes poetry fun and exciting for everyone. His poems are featured in 13 children's books in the U.S. and England, and 8 textbooks in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Israel, and India. He chooses topics that children relate to and understands how to get them excited about poetry. Since 2004, Darren has visited more than 350 elementary and middle schools (in 7 states). His program, The Funniest Poet in School, has become a Top 10 School Program on Long Island, NY. 


   His recent awards include: Teachers' Choice Awards (TCA) 2008, 1st Place in the 2008 TJMF Poetry For Children Contest, USABookNews.com Finalist 2008, 2nd Place 2007 TJMF Pet Poetry Contest,  National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) 2006, 1st Place for Children's Book Writing at the 2005 Santa Barbara's Writers Conference (one of the top ten writer's conferences in the world), iParenting Media Awards 2005.


     Darren's eBook is available at Amazon.com, BN.com and all on-line retailers.

It's Here


Mobius Writer puts authors in the spotlight with unique interviews.


Mobius Mobiuswriter.com features spotlight interviews for authors where the public can meet the person behind the title. It's a great way for the public to learn about the story behind the book and get more insight about its author. 


For more...Click Here

Young Author Publishes First Book with First Edition Design Publishing


     Nine-year-old B. Lynn Shocknesse has published an eBook at First Edition Design Publishing  titled, Thunder-Dog the Frog Dog.


Thunderdog the Frog Dog     It is about a dog that thinks he is a frog and wants to try to fit in, but realizes he does not need to change how he looks. Thunder-Dog the Frog Dog offers an important self-esteem lesson for young children about being themselves and fitting in just the way they are. 

     The author said, "First Edition Design Ebook Publishing was very helpful, very nice and extremely patient with me as I asked tons of questions to assure that they were the right company to work with.  They always responded promptly. And they in turn were able to get the book out within weeks of submission.        
        "Thunder-Dog the Frog Dog was an idea I had gotten from my many experiences with my various animals I have had over the years. Everyone I have shown my story to loves it and can't wait to see more from me. I already have other stories in the works right now. I am so happy It is out there!" 


     B. Lynn lives in Western New York with her family. She has discovered the joy of writing and illustrating her own stories and loves animals of all kinds as they help to inspire her stories and artwork.


    Her eBook is available at Amazon.com, BN.com and all on-line retailers.

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The Reach of eBooks


EVER WONDER ABOUT the potential of eBooks? Who's reading eBooks? Take a look at what onlineuniversities.com came up with.


See who's reading eBooks and why: CLICK HERE 


From the Desk of Deborah E. Gordon
CEO, First Edition Design PublishingDesk 
Deborah E. Gordon_CEO
Deborah E. Gordon


Our clients often ask, "If my book is written in English-why should I be concerned about worldwide distribution?"


The answer lies in an analysis of the world population and their primary and secondary language based on their census reports and other studies. Obviously, English is the native language for the US, UK, most of Canada, Ireland,  Australia, and New Zealand.


Here's where it gets interesting. Here's a list of countries and the percentage of people that speak English. Okay-so the stats may not show how well they speak English as a second language, but the numbers show how strong the potential markets are in those countries for consumption of books written in English.


With over 1.2 billion people, India ranks second (after the US) with a raw number of 125 million listing English as a second language-or 33.3% of their total population. (226,400 listed it as a first language).  


Western European countries showed impressive percentage numbers for people speaking English when combining English as a primary language and ESL. The Netherlands 87%, Belgium 59%, Germany  56%, France 35.7%, Italy 29%, Poland 29%, Spain 27%. Scandinavian countries ranked even higher by percentage-Norway 89%, Sweden 89%, Denmark 86%, Finland 63%.  


What about Asia you ask? In Hong Kong 35.9% speak English.


The most startling revelation comes when you add up the numbers of English speakers. If you add up the English speaking populations of just Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Poland, you get a staggering potential market of 84,981,456 buyers for books written in English!  Add that number to the English speaking population of India (remember 125,000,000?) and throw in Thailand (27%) with 17,121,187 and Israel (85%) at 6,205,000. The math comes to 272,098,691 English speakers, which exceeds the US English speaking population by population by almost 5 million.  


Although these statistics don't show how many people read English, or what their book buying habits are, you can now see how important worldwide distribution of your book is! We do know through experience that there is a hunger for eBooks in many parts of the world.  The internet has simplified the task of marketing a book internationally. 


We pride ourselves in being the world's largest distributor of eBooks and look forward to getting your book out there.  


Have a great day! 


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