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July 2012
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     From the Desk of CEO
Deborah E. Gordon
Every month I am reminded over and over of my deadline for my "from the desk of" column. There is so much to say; however I try and convey the most important items that come up during the month to share. This month has really hit hard in the area of unknowing authors being taken advantage of by our competition.  


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     New clients continue to line up at our door from around the globe. Authors from Scotland, New Zealand, Austria, Jordan and across the US published with First Edition Design this month.


     Speaking of world-wide, in addition to our unequaled list of international distribution partners, we are now submitting books to the James Bennnett distribution company, which further expands our access to the trade, academic and library markets in Australia and New Zealand.  


      First Edition Design Publishing's Mobius On-Line Bookstore is due to launch later this summer, which will be a great asset for authors everywhere. Stay tuned...  


Australian Distributor James Bennett Joins First Edition Design Publishing's Circle of Trading Partners



     James Bennett has been supplying libraries since 1964 and is considered the library vendor of choice in the Australasian marketplace.  Acquired by Baker and Taylor in December 2009, they offer premier services and deliveries, unmatched global resources and cutting-edge electronic technologies backed with local knowledge and excellent customer service. 


     James Bennett specializes in all aspects of acquisitions and collection development, supplier-aided selection, cataloging and shelf-ready processing.  They supply a wide range of products from books to multimedia to digital products to academic, public and specialist libraries throughout Australasia.  



First Edition Design Publishing Signs Best-Selling Author David J. Darling Ph.D.


Author's favorite books to be available in digital format


     World renowned best-selling British astronomer and science author David J. Darling, Ph.D, has signed with First Edition Design Publishing. Darling was previously published by Hyperion, Delacorte, Harper Collins, Random House and Wiley.


     Darling is the author of more than 40 titles including narrative science titles:  Megacatastrophes!, We Are Not Alone, Gravity's Arc, Equations of Eternity, a New York Times Notable Book, and Deep Time. He is also the author of the bestseller-The Universal Book of Mathematics: From Abracadabra to Zeno's Paradoxes. Darling's other titles include The Universal Book of Astronomy, and The Complete Book of Spaceflight, as well as more than 30 children's books. His articles and reviews have appeared in Astronomy, Omni, Penthouse, New Scientist, the New York Times, and the Guardian, among others.


     Darling's revised works, with new cover art created by First Edition Design Publishing, will now be published in eBook format by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed world-wide.


     "I'm delighted that some of my favorite books, including Soul Search, Zen Physics, and Equations and Eternity, are to be made available in digital form," Darling said. "These titles, which explore everything from the origin of the universe to the nature of life, death, and mind, will now be able to reach a new, wider audience."


     Darling served as manager of applications software for the supercomputer company Cray Research in Minneapolis, US for several years, and it was during this time that his two children were born. While at Cray he wrote in his spare time for Astronomy magazine. In 1982 he decided to take the plunge into full-time freelance writing, which has been his occupation ever since, interspersed with lectures, school talks, and travel. He and his family moved back to England (Cumbria) around the time of his career change, spent the next 16 years there, returned to the US in 1999, and re-emigrated again to the UK in 2004.  He now lives in Dundee, Scotland.

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Mobius Writer puts authors in the spotlight with unique interviews.


Mobius Mobiuswriter.com features spotlight interviews for authors where the public can meet the person behind the title. It's a great way for the public to learn about the story behind the book and get more insight about its author. 


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 Gold Rush by David Hanger Released Worldwide



     Gold Rush Otago 1861-64 a Historical Novel by New Zealand Author, David Hanger is about overcoming the dangers posed by the harsh mountainous landscape and furious elements of New Zealand's Otago goldfields. The story, based on fact in terms of time, place and actual events, follows three Australian families who join forces in the search for both gold and a place they can call home.


     First Edition Design Publishing published Gold Rush Otago 1861-64 (ISBN 9781622870301) and submitted it to distribution in more than 100 countries.


     It is available at Amazon.comBN.com and all on-line eBook retailers.


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From the Desk of Deborah E. Gordon 
CEO, First Edition Design PublishingDesk 
Deborah E. Gordon_CEO
Deborah E. Gordon




Every month I am reminded over and over of my deadline for my "from the desk of" column. There is so much to say; however I try and convey the most important items that come up during the month to share. This month has really hit hard in the area of unknowing authors being taken advantage of by our competition. I am saddened when an author comes to us after spending upwards of $10,000.00 to publish an eBook with only substandard results to boot.  I am not sure how to solve this problem, other than to ask each and every one of you to help spread the word that they need to come to First Edition Design Publishing. First Edition Design Publishing has always taken the high road in the publishing industry and is leading by example.  We were founded on a very strong set of principles that dates back to the mid 80's and we will never lose focus.


As I am writing this, yet another phone call just came in from a client who experienced a horrific ordeal with our competition.  Again, I am not sure what to say, other than I wish they would have come to us first. I appreciate the business, although I find it very disturbing that these individuals have to endure such heartache. With that said - please help us get the word out. We are here to help and get it right the first time. We do make dreams come true.


A quick update on the Mobius Book Store


We have been working hard to bring you an additional source to sell your titles--our own in house book store...the Mobius Bookstore. 


We should be launching the beta within the next 30 days with 100 titles to start. We plan on running the beta site for 60 days. After that time we will be adding an additional 100 titles per month until our entire inventory is listed. Some features that may be of interest - we are offering PDF, EPUB and Paperback formats within the store. We will not be offering hardcover. We will also be offering discounts on orders of 10 or more of the same title. This will meet the needs of those titles that are of interest to schools, churches, etc. that want to buy a title in bulk.


Have a great day! 


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