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Hi Davina (new free list)

This coming week is a strangely quiet one for new books, or at least titles that we've identified as sufficiently notable for us to include in this weekly update. I would put it down to proximity to the US election but for the fact that the coming two weeks are busier than this.

One of the seven titles is Tiffanie DeBartolo's Sorrow which Kirkus (in its starred review) deems "a smart, thoughtful work that balances romance with intriguing philosophical questions." We'll be discussing Sorrow in our Book Club starting December 1. Discussions are open to all so if you plan to read it between now and then, do join us!

Also, in this week's Culture Corner we look at three of the great American playwrights of the 20th century: Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill. The 1999 Tony-winning revival of Miller's Death of a Salesman is available from October 21 - 25 on Playbill. You'll find more information and links to other works in Culture Corner.


Davina Morgan-Witts, Editor

This Week's New and Notable Books
There are too many books published each week for you to read about them all, let alone read them all. So we do the legwork for you, scouring the publishers' catalogs and the pre-publication reviews to pick out what we believe to be among the best and most interesting. For more about our process, click the two right hand links below.
by Tiffanie DeBartolo

On sale Oct 20 from Woodhall Press
Genre: Novels. 270 pages
Critics' Opinion:
From Tiffanie DeBartolo, author of God Shaped Hole, How to Kill a Rock Star, and Grace: The Jeff Buckley Story, comes Sorrow, a poignant story about friendship and love, art and music, and how these pursuits can save us from ourselves.

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My Heart Underwater
by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

On sale Oct 20 from Quill Tree Books
Genre: Novels (Young Adult). 320 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
Fans of Adib Khorram and Randy Ribay will love this coming-of-age debut about a Filipina American teen drowning under pressure and learning to trust her heart.

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Plain Bad Heroines
by Emily M. Danforth

On sale Oct 20 from William Morrow
Genre: Thrillers. 640 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
The award-winning author of The Miseducation of Cameron Post makes her adult debut with this highly imaginative and original horror-comedy centered around a cursed New England boarding school for girls - a wickedly whimsical celebration of the art of storytelling, sapphic love, and the rebellious female spirit.

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Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life
by Christie Tate

On sale Oct 20 from Avid Reader Press
Genre: Memoir. 288 pages
Critics' Opinion: 4/5
The refreshingly original debut memoir of a guarded, over-achieving, self-lacerating young lawyer who reluctantly agrees to get psychologically and emotionally naked in a room of six complete strangers - her psychotherapy group - and in turn finds human connection, and herself.

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Red Comet: The Short Life and Blazing Art of Sylvia Plath
by Heather Clark

On sale Oct 20 from Knopf
Genre: Biography. 1152 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
The highly anticipated new biography of Sylvia Plath that focuses on her remarkable literary and intellectual achievements, while restoring the woman behind the long-held myths about her life and art.

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The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X by Les Payne

On sale Oct 20 from Liveright/W.W. Norton
Genre: Biography. 640 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
An epic biography of Malcolm X finally emerges, drawing on hundreds of hours of the author's interviews, rewriting much of the known narrative.

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The War of the Poor
by Eric Vuillard

On sale Oct 20 from Other Press
Genre: History. 112 pages
Critics' Opinion: 4/5
From the award-winning author of The Order of the Day, a powerful account of the German Peasants' War (1524–25) that shows striking parallels to class conflicts of our time.

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