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This week's new and notable books include fiction from Nicole Krauss and John Connolly, plus three debut novels and three narrative histories.


Davina Morgan-Witts, Editor

This Week's New and Notable Books
There are too many books published each week for you to read about them all, let alone read them all. So we do the legwork for you, scouring the publishers' catalogs and the pre-publication reviews to pick out what we believe to be among the best and most interesting. For more about our process, click the two right hand links below.
Butter Honey Pig Bread
by Francesca Ekwuyasi

Debut Author
On sale Nov 3 from Arsenal Pulp Press, Limited
Genre: Novels. 368 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
Spanning three continents, Butter Honey Pig Bread tells the interconnected stories of three Nigerian women: Kambirinachi and her twin daughters, Kehinde and Taiye.

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White Ivy
by Susie Yang

Debut Author
On sale Nov 3 from Simon & Schuster
Genre: Novels. 368 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
From prizewinning Chinese American author Susie Yang, this dazzling coming-of-age novel about a young woman's dark obsession with her privileged classmate offers sharp insights into the immigrant experience.

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How to Make a Slave and Other Essays by Jerald Walker

On sale Nov 2 from Mad Creek Press
Genre: Essays. 152 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
For the black community, Jerald Walker asserts in How to Make a Slave, "anger is often a prelude to a joke, as there is broad understanding that the triumph over this destructive emotion lay in finding its punchline."

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An Inventory of Losses
by Judith Schalansky

On sale Nov 3 from New Directions Publishing
Genre: Essays. 224 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
Each disparate object described in this book - a Caspar David Friedrich painting, a species of tiger, a villa in Rome, a Greek love poem, an island in the Pacific - shares a common fate: it no longer exists, except as the dead end of a paper trail.

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To Be a Man
by Nicole Krauss

On sale Nov 3 from Harper
Genre: Short Stories. 240 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
In this dazzling collection of short fiction, the National Book Award Finalist and New York Times bestselling author of The History of Love - "one of America's most important novelists and an international literary sensation" (New York Times) - explores what it means to be in a couple, and to be a man and a woman in that perplexing relationship and beyond.

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Shadow Sands: Kate Marshall #2
by Robert Bryndza

On sale Nov 3 from Thomas & Mercer
Genre: Thrillers. 316 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
The moors are a perfect hiding place for a serial killer. And a chilling return to the past for nascent private investigator Kate Marshall in a pulse-racing thriller by the author of Nine Elms.

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The Dirty South: Charlie Parker #18
by John Connolly

On sale Nov 3 from Emily Bestler Books (Atria)
Genre: Thrillers. 448 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
The New York Times bestselling author of A Book of Bones and "one of the best thriller writers we have" (Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author) goes back to the very beginning of Private Investigator Charlie Parker's astonishing career with his first terrifying case.

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The Russian Pink
by Matthew Hart

Debut Author
On sale Nov 3 from Pegasus Books
Genre: Thrillers. 272 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
An explosive debut featuring renowned diamond expert caught in a web of deception and malice while trying to uncover the secrets behind the most expensive diamond in the world.

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Britain at Bay: The Epic Story of the Second World War, 1938-1941
by Alan Allport

On sale Nov 3 from Knopf
Genre: History. 608 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
A sweeping, groundbreaking epic that combines military with social history, to illuminate the ways in which Great Britain and its people were permanently transformed by the Second World War.

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Sicily '43: The First Assault on Fortress Europe
by James Holland

On sale Nov 3 from Atlantic Monthly Press
Genre: History. 592 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
On July 10, 1943, the largest amphibious invasion ever mounted took place, larger even than the Normandy invasion eleven months later: 160,000 American, British, and Canadian troops came ashore or were parachuted onto Sicily, signaling the start of the campaign to defeat Nazi Germany on European soil.

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The Book Collectors: A Band of Syrian Rebels and the Stories That Carried Them Through a War
by Delphine Minoui

On sale Nov 3 from Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Genre: History/Current Affairs. 208 pages
Critics' Opinion: 5/5
Award-winning journalist Delphine Minoui recounts the true story of a band of young rebels, a besieged Syrian town, and an underground library built from the rubble of war.

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