Dear Puesta del Sol PTA Members,

At the upcoming General Membership Meeting on June 12th our PTA Board of Directors will propose two significant changes to our PTA's Standing Rules that will each require a vote by the PTA membership.  Please review the following proposals and plan to attend the meeting to share your voice and your vote.

The National PTA is planning to vote on a proposed increase in dues on July 1st.  Our current PTA annual membership dues includes portions payable to our Bellevue PTSA Council, to Washington State PTA, and to the National PTA.  Our Puesta del Sol PTA Board of Directors recommends increasing our individual membership dues by $2.00 to $15.00 and increasing our family membership dues by $4.00 to $27.00 in order to compensate for the National PTA dues increase.  For further explanation of our PTA membership dues, please see our  Membership FAQs page on the PTA website.

This update is in concordance with the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws and represents a common course of action for many other local PTAs and non-profit organizations.  The purpose of the change is to ease the requirements and time burden for incoming board members and to reduce recruiting challenges for our nominating committee.

The PTA Board proposes adjusting its executive structure to decrease the number of elected officers and increase the number of appointed members.  This change would not eliminate any positions and will serve to change some of the requirements of the positions.

Our current PTA Board consists of 9 - 13 elected officers (depending on shared co- positions) and 1 appointed member.
The restructured PTA Board would include 5-6 elected officers and 6-8 appointed members.
    • Executive Committee, elected by PTA membership: 5-6 officers consisting of President(s), Deposits Treasurer, Payables Treasurer, Secretary, and VP of Membership
    • Directors appointed by the Executive Committee: 5-7 officers consisting of Director of Communications, Director of School Relations, Director of Special Events, Director(s) of Educational Enhancement, and Director(s) of Fundraising
    • Member at Large, appointed by the Executive Committee
For several years, the PTA Board has discussed the potential benefits of this redesign and our current PTA board has agreed that this is a good course of action going forward.  For more information about this change, you may read the details of the  2019 Proposed Standing Rules Changes including the  pros and cons that we have identified, or email
Please attend the June 12th General Membership Meeting at 7pm after our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to have a VOICE and a VOTE. 

Thank you,
Puesta del Sol PTA Board

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Jessica Smiddy