Using the ancient technology of Vedic Yagyas
to solve modern day problems.
Greetings Yagya Friends!

July was an amazing month for us. Our pundits recited all four of the Vedas, we honored our teachers on Guru Poornima in all three locations, we performed a two day 50 priest yagya for Lakshmi, we had both a mystical yagya and a goddess Ganga yagya on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, we performed a special Navagraha Nine Planet yagya during the eclipse, and enjoyed 10 days of yagyas in Kanchipuram.

Photos from all these events follow below. I think you'll agree that they are exceptional.

Coming up in August are Vishnu yagyas, 1,000 coconut Ganesha yagya, and a yagya for Jupiter as he goes direct.

We will be combining the ´╗┐September and October programs into a 20 day yagya that will focus on our ancestors (Varanasi), moksha and enlightenment (Kanchipuram) and of course, a full program for Navaratri in all three locations. It is going to be a fantastic fall!

Thank you all for your continued participation and enthusiasm for our yagya program! We couldn't do it without you.

Ben Collins
Seetharama Sastry (Kanchipuram
Pandit Vachaspati Mishra (Varanasi)
Samir Khanwalker (Pune)
Mystical Yagya - Varanasi
In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says, "The fruit of yagya is rain." In this case, the rain came a day early and the temple was flooded as it usualy is at this time of year. No problem because our priest performed our yagya on the dry shore next to the temple.
Guru Poornima - Kanchipuram
The Guru's Sandals, or padukas, represent the power of the Guru to uplift and transform our heart and consciousness from our current state to one of enlightenment.

The Vedic tradition tells us that the grace which God blesses humanity flows through the Guru. Thus, the sandals of the master are regarded with reverence.The Guru's Sandals are the threshold of the Formless, which explores life's essential mystery at its heart. 

Shoshanam Bhava Sindhoscha
Gnyaapanam Saarasampadaha
Guror Padodakam Samyak
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.

Meaning: The one who can help us cross this ocean of life, the one who can reveal to us the Divine, I adore his Paadukaas, I salute the Guru.
Rig, Sama, Yajur Vedas - Kanchipuram
Guru Poornima - Varanasi
Guru Poornima honors the vital role that a Guru plays in our advancement to enlightenment. Shiva in his form as Dakshinamurti was the first divine teacher and Veda Vyasa (seen below right) is the first human guru who organized the Vedas, wrote the Mahabharata, and the Puranas. As such he is the representative of all gurus.
Ganga Yagya - Varanasi
Guru Poornima - Pune, India
Lakshmi 50 Priest Yagya - Pune, India
The monthly 50 Priest Lakshmi yagya was performed in Pune, as usual. They always do a wonderful job with the decorations and Lakshmi looks very elegant. The second day of the yagya is focused on the sacred vedic yagya fire (havan) and the priests clearly enjoy themselves.
Atharva Veda Recitation - Pune
Navagraha Nine Planet Eclipse Yagya - Pune