Using the ancient technology of Vedic Yagyas
to solve modern day problems.
Divali for - Pune, India - 2018
Dear Yagya Friends,

We have organized a free Divali Yagya that will be performed on Sunday evening, October 27th in Pune, India.

Divali is an enjoyable tradition in which the temple or home is decorated in little ghee lamps that symbolize the victory of light over darkness. Diwali is the day  Vishnu's   avatar   Rama Lakshmi's  avatar  Sita Shesha's  avatar  Lakshmana , and  Shiva's  avatar  Hanuman  reached their kingdom in Ayodhya  after a 14 year period in exile after having defeated the demon king  Ravana who had kidnapped Sita.

This festival is an opportunity to connect with Lakshmi, the divine source of abundance, who will remove any obstacles and negativity that impedes our progress toward enlightenment and success in life.

There is no charge for this yagya if you participated in any yagyas during September or October. You don't even have to sign up. Just enjoy the yagya blessings!

Also in this email you'll find photos from the October Mystical Yagya and the October 50 priest Lakshmi yagya.

I have much more to share with you and will be sending out a series of emails covering the Ancestor yagyas, the Dasa Mahavidya Yagyas and Navaratri.

Very best regards,

Ben Collins
Our October Mystical Yagya took place in a beautiful Kali temple in Varanasi called the Kasiraj Kali temple. It is owned by the King of Varanasi and is one of the prettier but lesser known temples in the area.
September 50 Priest Lakshmi Yagya - Pune, India