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Greetings Yagya Friends!

Thanks to the hard work of Pandit Mishra and his staff in Varanasi, our April Mystical Yagya will take place on Friday, April 19th in the ancient Mundeshwari Shiva/Shakti Temple, located about 100 km outside Varanasi.

Every month we schedule a special yagya in the area around Varanasi. These temples are among the most ancient in India and our goal is to take advantage of the hundreds and thousands of years that mantras and pujas/yagyas have been performed in these special temples.

Our goal is simply to enhance our spiritual progress to enlightenment.

This temple is one of the oldest in India and has been in continuous use for at least the past 1,400 years!
The temple, originally a Shiva temple, is now dedicated to the Divine Mother in the form of "Mundeshwari". There are four entrances to the inner sanctum, one for each of the cardinal directions. There are images of the river goddess Ganga riding a crocodile and of Yamuna riding a tortoise. In the main sanctum the is a Shiva lingam with four human faces ( Chaturmukhi ) . There are remnants of other deities like Parvati, Ganesha, Surya, Subramanya, and Durga.
Here you can see one of the faces on the Shiva lingam.
The goddess looks primitive and powerful.
Ganesha is worshiped where he was found.
Statues of a standing Ganesha are fairly rare. The carving of Ganesha's head is exceptionally detailed.
The site is a national heritage site and is gradually being restored to its earlier glory.
The Mystical Yagya is free to all who are participating in any yagya program this month. No need to sign up...just enjoy.

For those who are not participating in any April yagyas, please use the following buttons to sign up. The cost is only $17.00
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Thank you all for your on-going support and participation!

Very best regards,

Ben Collins
Seetharama Sastry (Kanchipuram)
Sam Khanwalker (Pune)
Pandit Vachaspati Mishra (Varanasi)