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10 Day Ganesha Yagya Photos

Greetings Yagya Friends,

In this newsletter, you'll find a lot of great photos from the September 10 day Ganesha yagyas in Kanchipuram. Additional Ganesha photos will follow in the next few days from the Temple Tour (yatra) in the region around Pune and from the Ancestor Yagyas in Varanasi.

Next month we have Navaratri - the Nine Nights of the Divine Mother - starting on October 7th. We'll have the website updated with full details in the next few days.

I hope you'll join us!

Very best regards,
Ben Collins
Every year at this time we celebrate Ganesha's birthday in a festival called Vinayaka Chaturthi.
The focus of our 10-day yagyas is daily yagyas for Ganesha who removes obstacles to our success, fulfillment, and enlightenment.
Our yagya facility was beautifully decorated with our Golden Ganesha overseeing the yagyas. You can see eight kalasha pots; one for each of the eight forms of Ganesha (Ashta Vinayaka).

Seen above and below is our priest performing the daily Rudra Abishekam for Shiva (Ganesha's father).

Every day the priests perform the vedic fire ritual called "homam". Here they are offering 108 bananas, obviously one of Ganesha's favorites.
On the final day, the priests had an extra-large yagya fire which included the offering of 108 coconuts which produce a lot of smoke!
Sometimes the fire gets pretty enthusiastic.

Every month we perform yagyas in a very old temple in Kanchipuram that features a beautiful emerald Shiva lingam. The temple priest performs Rudra abishekam while our priest recite Rudram and other vedic hymns.
The temple also contains two traditional Ganeshas who receive their own abishekam and decoration with fresh dhotis to wear and flowers decorations.
We also perform abishekam for the Goddess who always looks very peaceful and elegant.