Using the ancient technology of Vedic Yagyas
to solve modern day problems.
Nakshatra and Navagraha Yagyas 8/12 - 8/21
Advancing toward Enlightenment
Daily Mrytunjaya Yagyas through September 10th
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Greetings Yagya Friends,

Our Nakshatra and Navagraha Yagya series starts next Thursday. It is going to be an important series because Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde and this is a great time to smooth out their influence in these chaotic times.

They are also a great lead-up to the Ancestor and Ganesha Yagyas next month, followed by Navaratri in October.

I'll have more information on the Nakshatras in my next newsletter. They are particularly fascinating, especially from a spiritual perspective.

In this newsletter, you'll see photos from the July Guru Poornima and Veda Recitation Yagyas. I also have quite a collection of videos to share and will be able to do so next week as well.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in the vedic traditions.

Very best regards,
Ben Collins
The first group of photos is from the Vedic recitation program in Kanchipuram. During the 10 day series we continue with the various daily yagya program with all the added priests.
Guru Poornima is the full Moon which honors the vital role that gurus and teachers of all kinds play in our lives. Traditionally one offers puja and abishekam to the feet of the Guru as a gesture of respect.
Morning and evening the priest recite the complete text of the Veda that they have mastered. In Kanchipuram, the priests recited the Krishna Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Rig Veda.
At the end of each session, the priests recite various vedic mantras of blessing and protection together.
We are fortunate to have access to a beautiful temple in Kanchipuram in which there are a variety of deities. For Guru Poornima, we perform a yagya for Dakshinamurti, the form of Shiva who is regarded as the first guru.
Then we performed an abishekam and puja ritual for Durga who represents the role the goddesses play in preserving and protecting access to spiritual knowledge.
The temple features a beautiful Shiva lingam that is made from the mineral that contains emeralds and there are little flecks of emerald throughout. Up close it is very beautiful.
Pundits who can recite the Atharva Veda are rarer and we are fortunate to have a group in Pune (near Mumbai) who are experts in this Veda. their puja routines are a little different from those in Tamil Nadu.
The Vedas are said to be the "breath of Brahma, the Creator". He is recognizable by his four heads; one for each of the four Vedas.
It is a great accomplishment to have been able to have all four Vedas recited in their entirety. The priests are thankful for the opportunity we have given them.
As the priests say at the end of every yagya;

"Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu"

May all beings everywhere enjoy peace, happiness
and a life free from suffering