Using the ancient technology of Vedic Yagyas
to solve modern day problems.
10 Day Hanuman and Manyusuktam Yagyas
with 30 days of Mrytunjaya Yagyas
($75 for the entire family)

Yagya Friends,

Each year, we begin our monthly program with Hanuman and Manyu Suktam Yagyas to give us strength to overcome whatever challenges we may face and to support and attract the protective qualities of dharma (natural law).

We act on a personal level to nourish and sustain our families and friends, and at this time we also need a national and international focus as we continue to cope with the COVID crisis and the political events related to the US election.

Jupiter, which represents dharma and rituals like yagyas, is moving through Capricorn where he is uncomfortable and unable to fully manifest his protective energies. By performing these yagyas we strengthen the positive qualities of Jupiter in our own lives and in the world.

We begin our yagya series on January 20th, Inauguration Day in the US, as a gesture of good will for the success of the Biden administration and for the needed healing throughout the world to begin.

We are also continuing our Daily Mrytunjaya Yagyas through the beginning of our next yagya series on February 19th. Your participation will begin the day you sign up.

Thank you all for your on-going participation and support. Here's to a better year in 2021!

Best regards,
Ben Collins
Hanuman is one of the great heroes of the Ramayana epic. He is the divine monkey, the son of the wind who helps Rama rescue his wife Sita, defeats the demon Ravana and his army and destroys Lanka. As such, his yagyas bring the qualities of strength, power, devotion to a higher reality, and support of dharma (natural law).
Hanuman yagyas are particularly good for softening and balancing the influence of Saturn and for strengthening the protective influence of the planet Jupiter who is currently weakened by moving through Capricorn at this time and through April.

Individually, these yagyas are good for us because a stronger Jupiter and calmer Saturn result in greater personal peace and the strength and perseverance to overcome obstacles.

The yagyas also make a contribution toward the maintenance of our civil dharma at a time when it is being severely challenged around the world.
To listen to a portion of the Manyusuktam Mantra, please click here 
(3 minutes)

Manyu Suktam is an ideal partner to the Hanuman yagyas. This mantra comes from the Rig Veda, 10th mandala and consists of 14 verses that invoke Rudra (Shiva) to eliminate enemies, obstacles, and to purify bad karmas and ill health.

Our pundits will repeat this mantra many times every day.

The text reads in part:
Come here Manyu, mightier than the mighty; chase away our enemy... bring to us all kinds of wealth and treasure. I may be small and weak, O Manyu come to me and give me vigor.

O Conquerer, born with power and a destructive bolt of thunder, the highest conquering might is yours...Unyielding bring victory like Indra.
Please join us in this powerful and productive yagya series.

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