Using the ancient technology of Vedic Yagyas
to solve modern day problems.
10 Day Navagraha Yagyas, plus the Eclipse yagya and Daily Mrityunjaya Yagyas.
Greetings Yagya Friends,

This month's 10-day Navagraha Yagya program will begin in a few days. Signup is available using the buttons above or on the site.

This is a great time to perform Navagraha yagyas because Mercury is retrograde through 6/22, Saturn is retrograde through 10/11, and Jupiter will be retrograde from 6/20 through 10/18. A little Graha Shanti can go a long way when planets are in challenging positions!

This newsletter contains photos from the May Lakshmi and Vishnu Yagya series. I'll have the Akshaya Tritiya photos distributed in a newsletter tomorrow. They are all very inspiring!

Enjoy the yagya blessings!

Best regards,

Ben Collins

In May, the 10-Day Yagyas were focused on the 10 forms of Vishnu and 8 forms of Lakshmi. In the photo above you can see 10 kalasha pots in which the deities are invoked. They are decorated with fresh malas every day.

In addition, every day our priests perform a daily Mrytunjaya (Shiva) Abishekam Yagya to protect our health.

The photos below show several examples of the flowers that are delivered every day during the yagya performance. It is difficult to show just how large the flower malas are. That's a full bushel basket of flowers on the left! These are all handmade and represent many hours of work which is all the more impressive given the covid situation in India.
The first day is dedicated to Ganesha and he receives special offerings; bananas, fresh coconut, puffed rice, modaka sweets, pounded rice, and mustard seeds.
At the beginning of the pujas, the priests use a special traditional swetak Ganapati (above) carved from the root of a specific tree. It's very charming and organic. For pujas that take place later in the day, they use a bronze Ganesha as seen below.
The day begins with an extensive abishekam ritual as seen below. In the images, you can see the Shiva lingams, Ganeshas, two Navagraha yantras, a crystal Sri Chakra (Meru), Subramanya, Vishnu shaligram, and Annapurna (Parvati). The first photo shows the milk offering, and the second shows the scented sandalwood offering.
The priests also perform a special yagya for the goddesses. Even though the focus is on Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati aren't left out!

In the following photos, the priest is performing the abishekam while the other priests recite vedic mantras and slokas.
After the morning abishekam, the priest lights the yagya fire (called homam or havan) and spends several hours reciting all the traditional mantras for Vishnu and Lakshmi while making offerings of ghee into the yagya fire.
After the havan is completed, the priests perform the final offerings and pujas for the deities at the main altar. The photos are really nice because of all the decorative flowers, malas and offerings of ghee lamps and camphor.
In addition to the 10 Day Navagraha Yagyas, our June program will include the daily Mrytunjaya Yagyas throughout the month.
Please join this unique and timely opportunity!
10 Day Navagraha Yagyas, plus Daily Mrityunjaya Yagyas.