Using the ancient technology of Vedic Yagyas
to solve modern day problems.
10 Day Ganesha Yagya
3 Day Ancestor Yagyas
Eight Maharashtra Temple Ganesha Pujas
Daily Mrytunjaya Yagyas through Oct 6
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Greetings Yagya Friends,

We have an amazing combination of yagyas to offer this month. We begin on September 10th with a 10 day series of yagyas in Kanchipuram for Ganesha who celebrates his birthday on the 10th. (Ganesh Chaturthi).

At the same time, a team of priests from Pune will visit the eight famous Ashta Vinayaka temples in that region near Mumbai. At each temple, they will perform pujas and abishekam yagyas.

On September 20, 21, 22 we will honor our ancestors with the Pitra Paksha rituals in Varanasi. We will perform a three-day series of yagyas; the first day for Shiva and Parvati, the second specifically for our ancestors, and the last day is for Ganga, who originally came to earth to purify our ancestors so they could fully enjoy heaven.

Because covid continues to be an issue we will continue with our daily Maha Mrytunaya Yagyas for all participants through the beginning of the October Navaratri program on 10/7.

This is a wonderful and deeply meaningful time for us to participate in these traditional rituals. With Saturn and Jupiter retrograde through mid-October it is a time when we need relief from the obstacles we all face.

I hope you'll join us!

Very best regards,
Ben Collins
Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and thus plays a major role in our enjoyment of life through material and spiritual success. Ganesh (or Vinayaka) Chaturthi celebrates his birthday and it is at this time he is most receptive to prayers and yagya offerings and gives his blessings freely.
This is our most festive and elaborate Ganesha yagya of the year.
The purpose of these yagyas is to promote the enjoyment of a satisfying and enlightened life. Ganesha is the foundation of that process because he removes any obstacle that obstructs fulfillment and liberation.

After the 10th, the Ganesha yagyas continue daily and conclude on the 19th.
This month, we are continuing the tradition of performing a special yagya for the benefit of the previous generations of our families. This ritual is ancient, dating back many thousands of years in the vedic tradition, and is performed in Varanasi every year at this time in a festival called Pitr Paksha.

The idea is a simple one. The vedic tradition includes reincarnation as the experience of multiple lives during which the soul evolves to greater purity and perfection. Families are an important part of this evolution because each generation provides for and protects subsequent generations. The ritual is one in which we honor and symbolically feed and provide for the comfort and sustenance of previous generations of our family.
The first day consists of a full-scale yagya for Shiva and Parvati, the second day is the yagya for the ancestors and the final day is a Ganga Yagya which is very soothing and an important part of the ancestor ritual.

The details of the Ancestor rituals are fascinating. You can learn more here.
Ashtavinayaka - Eight Ganesha Temple Tour
Maharashtra, September 10 - 19
Our group of priests in Pune asked if they could celebrate Viyanayka Chaturthi by performing an abishekam yagya at each in a series of 8 famous temples in Maharashtra State near Mumbai.
Each of the eight temples is unique and has a great story behind it. Please click here to see photos and to read the story of each temple and the Ganesha within.

Temple yagyas are important because of the many many years of mantras and yagyas performed within, which provides easy access to the transcendent deity.
This program of Vedic recitation is supplemented by our Annadanam Food Offering and Daily Mrytunjaya Pujas through mid-October when our fall Navaratri program begins

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