You are uniquely created on purpose
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Thanks for taking time to chat today. There's a lot of division right now, in fact it feels like there's more division now than ever in my lifetime. And what's interesting is a lot of people don't see how they're creating the division, which leads me to today's chat.

Everyone is in a different place along their journey. Ask yourself, are you honoring where they are even if you disagree with them? Are you pushing your beliefs onto others? Are you allowing fear to take over?

These are questions I'm constantly asking myself these days. I spoke of this in last Monday's YouTube live about how we're dividing ourselves and don't realize it. In fact, I'm experiencing the division currently in my family.

Division is causing hurt and pain. And so far in my experience, the division is coming from a place of being in victim and fear. And when we're in victim and fear, there's no perspective of choice, possibilities, or Love. Ego has fully taken over and it's a mindset of "I'm right and you're wrong," "Either do this or here's an ultimatum."

No matter where you are in this scenario, know that you are safe, you are supported, you Loved, you are worthy, and you are uniquely created on purpose. God, the Divine, wants you to be happy, healthy, enjoy life, and live abundantly. THIS is what I choose to step into. And I invite you to join me.

Sending you Much Love (and HUGS), 💜
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