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April 2019

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Probe companies' employment statistics

By Jim Thompson
Since we started a new job board site, onlypulpandpaperjobs.com our insight into companies' conditions when it comes to employment have reached a new level of awareness with Paperitalo Publications.
There are two parts to this. First, many companies are running short handed. Second, many candidates are becoming very picky about moving, particularly if the company is targeting younger employees.
Running short handed may help the bottom line in the short term, but what does it say about the future? What is hidden is what might have been. Stretched thin and barely covering today's needs, employees at any level are thus not spending any time on the future, a future that stretches from next week to five years from now. Bottom line--a particular company's future growth prospects may not be up to par with their peers if their peers happen to be doing a better job in this area.
Picky candidates, particularly younger ones, may mean there are holes in succession planning. There has already been a hole created by the industry's near universal freeze on hiring that extend from about 1999 until just a few years ago. Now, on top of this, companies are experiencing a potential workforce pool that doesn't want to move or doesn't want to move to their remote facility location.
Either way, this may generate problems you as an analyst might want to check out. Remember, everyone cannot be replaced by robots and Ai, no matter how hard we try.

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