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December 2019

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The pulp and paper industry is behaving in a peculiar manner

By Jim Thompson
While the ISM has dropped for four months in a row, the PM40 shown a modest rally since mid-July.  What gives?

It is hard to tell, but one thing seems to be working in favor of properly running businesses:  inventories seem to be very tightly managed at this point in time.

If you don't make it, you don't have some of the larger input costs, so cost control can be tight, too.  This goes for energy as well as raw materials.  

What we don't know is what kinds of deals sales folks are making to move inventory?  Are they selling ahead? If so, what is that doing to income now and in the future?  It would be nice to have some transparency on this.

In the meantime, enjoy the results.  But watch closely, very closely.

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