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May 2018

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Watch for Industry 4.0

By Jim Thompson

Coming at us rapidly is Industry 4.0.  Otherwise known as IOT (Internet of Things) for Industry.  Also, generically, "big data."  Pulp mills seem to be the first adopters of this new technology.

Essentially, this is "SAP" for the process.  Whereas software like SAP monitors business functions, in this case it monitors production processes.

I think it will be implemented rapidly, for it allows manufacturers to produce products within a tighter band width and that tighter band width is further down the cost curve than where processes operate now.

Who will benefit?  Those with new equipment.  Old equipment may not be able to mechanically hold the tolerances to the level that newer equipment can.

Converse to the last twenty years when new process control breathed new life into old process lines, Industry 4.0 may obsolesce old process lines faster.

Good topic for you to ask about in your next Q & A with industry executives.  I would be interested in the feedback you receive.  Email me at jthompson@taii.com with "Industry 4.0" in the subject line. 

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Jim Thompson, CEO
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