Winter | 2019
Improve the efficiency of your practice - Eight steps to a better flow
Many medical practices suffer from a range of bottlenecks and redundancies that waste time and energy. These broadly fall into several practice areas, including the front office, the back office and the physicians. This article suggests eight areas to home in on to improve procedures and reduce waste, including improving the phone and message system and establishing clear procedures for handling referrals and tests. A sidebar offers a few more strategies for greater practice efficiency.

Mitigate risk with insurance coverage
It’s important for physicians to understand the various types of insurance available — above and beyond malpractice insurance. Whether that insurance is medical or business-related, physicians need to determine whether the risk entailed is great enough to require coverage. This article lists some common types of medical practice insurance and explains what issues they address so that physicians can ensure they don’t take unnecessary risks with their long-term profitability.  

The art of persuasion: Getting patients to follow their treatment plans 

Patient noncompliance with physician directives is estimated to cost the U.S. health care system more than $100 billion annually — and much of it is linked to poor physician-patient communication. Physicians need to develop ways to improve their communication skills and achieve better patient compliance. This article offers some tips to help physicians improve patient compliance, thus obtaining more successful patient outcomes.

How to avoid HIPAA-related data breaches   

Data breaches are as prevalent as ever, with news of large-scale breaches popping up on the news nearly every week. Medical practices, though not necessarily a large target like major corporations, are often easy targets, with plenty of rich personal and financial data available. This article focuses on ways for medical practices to avoid HIPAA-related data breaches, including performing a risk analysis of staff and of security procedures, designating a staffer to oversee security, and customizing computer toolbars with antiphishing applications .

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Shannon Jenkins works on administrative judicial forums including the Labor Commissioner, the Employment Development Department (EDD), the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), and alternative dispute resolution.

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