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September 2020
Patient Advocates Need an Open Mind
By Ilene Corina, BCPA

I received a call from a woman who was angry that she was not permitted to see her husband in the hospital. She said her husband was too tired to speak up and she knows other people were able to visit loved ones. She couldn’t believe that at this hospital no one would talk to her about visiting her husband and being at his side when he needed her the most, following a major surgical procedure.

I can begin to advocate for her but I hesitate because I have to take into consideration that maybe her husband doesn’t want her there. There is no way of knowing if that’s the case. I have seen this happen, when the patient pulls me aside and asks me to “get rid of” a family member that they don’t want there, or family members who talk too much, are too loud or too pushy.

Patients know that they need rest but may have mixed feelings because they also want someone who cares about them available at their side. It is important to have conversations about what a patient wants and what an advocate is willing to do before a hospitalization, but there needs to be room for changing the plans. I remember when I had surgery, I thought I wanted family with me all night, but then decided I didn’t. I wasn’t going to argue; they needed to trust that I changed my mind. Patients should feel comfortable telling a loved one who wants to help, what they need. And the family needs to trust that they may not be the best people for the patient at that moment.

   Hospital Discharges: The Danger Zone
September 14th 7:00 PM Eastern NY Time
Presented by David Fielding, MPH, BCPA

Hospital discharges are stressful, confusing and potentially harmful to patients if not handled properly. Any transition or handoff between care providers introduces the potential for mistakes.  

Key risk factors include many issues such as:
  • Discharge day pressures 
  • Access to clinical information
  • Misunderstanding hospital staff roles 
  • Limited understanding of discharge appeal rights

You may wonder:
  • Why is the discharge process so overwhelming?
  • What can families do to make discharges safer and less stressful?

Find out on September 14th 2020 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time when David Fielding, BCPA, explains the pitfalls during hospital discharges and provides useful tips to help patients & families negotiate the process safely.
About David Fielding, MPH, BCPA
David is a Board Certified Patient Advocate & Compliance Expert with Engage Consulting Solutions.  Helping patients find their voice to ask questions, get answers and make informed decisions is task #1.  
With 30+ years as a healthcare executive and state regulator, David uses a hands-on approach to help patients & families navigate the healthcare system safely and with confidence.

Learn more and register here
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