Pediatric Potential with TVH Mobility
A Future So Bright!
Over the last three months we've been able to do a lot of thinking. Long term planning and investing in the long game vs short term. With pediatric products in mind, we believe in promoting high quality goods that are well supported and long lasting. An investment in quality goods for pediatric users directly correlate to an investment in long-term health and longevity. Both physically and from a mental health standpoint. Happy & healthy users, equate to happy and healthy families.

In this newsletter we're highlighting all of the great lines that support the pediatric user.
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Feel free to reach out to David or Kipp for information, support or demos.
58 Hours of Paralympic Sports Coverage being rebroadcast on NBC Sports

Some great TV streaming content being shown by NBS Sports over the next 3 weeks.
Gold Medal Wheelchair Basketball from RIO 2016, World Para Athletics Championships Coverage, World Para much more.
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Confidence in the Car

Thomashilfen and Recaro are two very reputable performance brands. Known for safety, durability and style. We consider ourselves fortunate to represent this great product line.

A Monza booster seat with a tray table adds more structure and promotes user engagement. Add laterals, a seat wedge and a adduction block to support proper seating and positioning goals. The swivel base is the icing on the cake to facilitate smooth transfers.

Drop us a note to find out more.

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Movin' in Modular Style, its EASyS!

Need options in head support, positioning and functionality?

  • Comes in 2 sizings
  • Forward facing, rear facing
  • 3 head rest options + customization
  • Angle & height adjustable footrest
  • Growable in width & height

The EASyS Modular pediatric wheelchair (stroller) from Thomashilfen may just have what you need.

There are so many positives to this great product, you just must Visit the EASyS Modular Webpage to find out more!
The Starfish

An adjustable, grow-able option available in two sizes!

Safe, secure, Starfish from Clarke Health Care Products provides a solid option to grow with the user and offers a variety of options such as tilt and recline. With an easily removable seat cover and adjustability, the Starfish is a great choice for schools and multi-user settings.
Sleeping Safe and Sound

Both user and parent can get better sleep knowing a Beds By George Bed is in the house.

So many options & customizations.
Ease of use, quality of product, stellar customer service and video eval support all set BBG apart within the market.

The door is the thing!
Have a watch to see how easy it is.
Bodypoint sizing and mounting options have all been curated with the greatest detail and eye for the pediatric market.

Did you know that BP got its start working closely with Seattle Children's Hospital?

Knowing this, there's no doubt that BP products are the most durable and easily cleaned products on the market. Being produced adhering to ISO manufacturing standards just makes sense.
Change the Pace with a Gel Interface
Kiddos have a magical way of expressing discomfort. Using some of the many Gel Ovations Products to overlay uncomfortable interfaces not only protect tender pediatric skin, but also the hearing of their parents. Give the crew at Gel Ovations a call to find out all that they offer in pediatric sizing!

Interested in a sample kit, drop us a line and we'll get something sorted for you!
Power Chair Training Begins Young
Using the Braze Mobility wheelchair blind spot sensor for awareness training not only builds safety in the home, classroom and in public, but it also builds user confidence and skill mastery.

Check it out!

Kiddo's Can Stand Too!

Such a great tool for interaction with peers, classmates and family members. Build independence early with Levo and their standing wheelchair options.

Check out these awesome options
A Healing Sleep Environment

The regenerative power of sleep is rarely under-emphasized. However the promotion of longevity of health through better sleep for users with disabilities has been and continues to be a funding challenge.

If an immobile child is in bed for 12 hours a night. That's 4,380 hours every year. 43,800 hours every 10 years. 262,800 hours over a 60 year lifetime.
Young users with skin integrity issues or high risk of pneumonia can experience a sleeping environment that works while they rest, recover and regenerate.

The Freedom Bed from ProBed does just that. Manually turning the user on a programmable schedule and promoting movement, blood flow and fluid in lungs.

Take a look at the remarkable Freedom Bed to find out more.
Ride into the future with Confidenc e

We're all working to set up our clients for future success. Starting early on, postural care is vital for pediatric wheelchair users. Utilizing growth options and their malleability, the Ride Custom offerings are great tools to have. The slim design and light weight nature of a Ride Custom system will also boost user confidence as they become the focus, not a cumbersome seating system. Head on over to Ride to learn more and see the proof.

Ride Custom Certification Courses are Open!
Free .1 CEU Online Module
Are you a forward thinker? Check out the Pediactric sized forward cushion. Many pediatric manual wheelchair users are benefiting from the subtle postural cues offered with this cushion.
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