Today you can support both CDR&CK and Food & Friends simply by ordering Thanksgiving pies!

For every 25 pies ordered through our pie page, we receive $500 in vet care credit from Friendship Hospital for Animals. Up to $20,000! This provides critical vet services for the almost 200 cats and dogs in our care at one time.
Food & Friends receives funding to provide healthy meals and groceries to families struggling with critical illness in the DC metro area.

So Here's How it Works
Visit the CDR&CK pie page and choose one or all of these options:
  1. Buy and donate pies to Food & Friends clients.
  2. Buy pies for your Thanksgiving dinner
  3. Buy pies for friends and family in the DC area
  4. Pies can be picked up at 30 locations throughout DC, MD, and VA on Tuesday, November 20 between 12:00 - 8:00 PM.