A Note from Scott and Marsha
September 15, 2022
Y'all. Did you feel that cool breeze Tuesday morning? That is the second official False Fall for NC. One more to go and then we'll offically be in fall!

So, it's happened: we brought fall into the garden. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this time of year is. I know, I know, I say that every season. But this year? Good Lawd...

Our Garden Center staff went nuts! Instead of jumping in and decorating, I just gave some thoughts and ideas of what I thought would look cool and then I stepped out of the way and let them have at it.

It's true what they say: two (or eight!) minds are better than one. So much happened and it's way better than if I had tried to do it all by myself. Instead of one idea, there was the synergy of eight! Sunshine and Caro dried flowers and grasses. John pulled vines. Mariah placed, moved, and arranged all sorts of things. John hung the chandeliers back up and painted bikes fall colors. Amber and Teresa arranged pumpkins and bales and worked their magic on our truck for photo ops! Ann ordered bazillions of mums and pansies. Joey kept up by ordering more houseplants because he knows we also need the green!

Then came the pumpkin pickups and, as Scott affectionally calls it, the "Pumpkin Spa." This is checking the pumpkins for blemishes, carefully cleaning off dirt, and organizing them by type and size so all of our wonderful customers can find exaclty what they are looking for!

I was running crazy, as I often do, and when I am getting overwhelmed, Scott takes note and calmly asks, "How can I help you?"

I often say, "I'm fine." Which he knows I am most definitely not.

Thursday evening, he said, "Why don't we set our alarm early for the morning? We can go in before everyone else and clean, price, and set out the four bins of pumpkins to help out the staff." He knows my love language well: acts of service.

The funniest part was Friday evening. Scott said he actually enjoyed the Pumpkin Spa and it was a nice change from the normal tasks at hand. Not only did he clean the pumpkins, but he also over-analyzed how many were in a bin, what we had to pay, and how to mark each one accordingly. Insert my eye roll here.

It is quite a task to flip the space from summer to fall and handle over 15k pumpkins in about an 8 week period! Now that I'm thinking about it, it might actually be more than 15k, but deep down, we know everyone loves it!

When you visit and are checking out, be sure to thank your cashier, because there is a good chance they, too, cleaned and helped unload pumpkins! They aren't just the pretty faces you see at the end of your visit; they are hard workers who help in a variety of ways! As I often say, "It takes a village … currently running on pumpkin spice everything!"

Don't forget to stop by this weekend. Fall Fun Days events kick off this Friday!
Meet Hannah!

Role: Executive Assistant & HR
Started at FGS: February 2022
Favorite Plant: Mother Of Thousands / The Devil's Backbone
Favorite Snack: Fruit Snacks
Currently Watching: Baywatch
Favorite Local Restaurant: Baan Thai in Apex
This year, I'm looking forward to: adopting pet ducks! (But probably not this year...)
Thoughts, Theories, & Trivia: All toes are different.
Honey is Here!

This year we partnered with Buddha Bee Apiary and had a honey bee hive installed on the property. Buddha Bee Apiary had such a great year, they were able to get some honey harvested from hives all over the Triangle area so we can all enjoy it!

While this honey is not from the FGS hive (yet), we are thrilled to be able to carry it this fall. Stop by this weekend and check it out!

Have you been eyeing a rare plant but haven't made the jump to becoming a rare plant owner? Looking for a sign that you *should* buy that one plant? Well here's your sign!

Now through the actual end of summer, you'll be able to snag select rare houseplants for 30% off.

All plants included in this sale will be clearly marked with a red sale price. Make sure to visit soon - there aren't many left!
If you love color, the Croton is definitely for you! Crotons have perfect fall colors all year round. They can live outside during warmer months, as they are a tropical houseplant, but can come indoors when it starts to get cold. Make sure to give them lots of bright light and do not let them dry out. If they aren't getting enough light, new leaves will not have as much color. Be aware that the sap in the stems is not safe for humans or pets!

Pansies have arrived at the Garden Center! There are so many colors to choose from. They are cold-hardy annuals that stay bright and cheery even as the world around them starts to lose color for winter. You can even include them in hanging baskets!

This weekend's weather will be perfect for planting! They will do well in part-sun, idealy morning sun with afternoon shade. Water consistently, but make sure the soil dries out a bit between waterings, as pansies do not like to be overwatered. New to pansy planting? Scroll down for our Pansy Care Tips blog!


Pink Frost Florida Anise Illicium is a medium sized shrub that has year-round interest! The dark green foliage turns to a light pinkish rose color in colder weather and blooms with bright flowers in the spring. It prefers full shade but can tolerate many soil conditions. It can grow up to 10 ft tall, which means it is an excellent choice for screening or noise softening. Pink Frost Illicium is also deer resistant, but attracts birds; a great option for those who love bird watching as well as gardening.

Weekends from Sep 16 - Oct 30

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The leaves are changing colors and it's time to pull out cozy sweaters and blankets and light those fall scented candles. We have pumpkins so you can start decorating or carving away! We have seasonal drinks at The Potting Shed, which means it's offically FALL!

You’ll find everything you need for fall gardening, decorating with pumpkins, and planting fall flowers (pansies, mums, and more!) right here at the Garden Center! We’ll have MORE extended-hour Fridays so you have even more time to shop and enjoy a drink or Sunset Slush while you’re at it.

That’s not all: this year we are fully embracing the fun, the vibes, and the season of change. We’ll have a wide variety of events, classes, workshops, and more so you can enjoy autumn at For Garden’s Sake!
For Friday's Sake

Friday, September 16, 5PM-8PM
Location: Garden Center

Need more time to shop for pansies, mums, and pumpkins? Want to grab a fall drink or Sunset Slush from The Potting Shed? Well you’re in luck, because we are extending the Garden Center hours until 8PM!

The Potting Shed will be open and serving beverages and Sunset Slush until 8PM, so come and enjoy the ambiance on the patio and take in the sunset. Don’t forget to bring lawn chairs or a blanket for seating – the patio tables go fast!

Featuring live music by: Stray Local
Food Truck: Food Vibes Only

Admission is FREE, so bring your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers and enjoy the evening… For Friday’s Sake!
Pick & Paint Pumpkin Workshop

Saturday, September 17, 11AM-3PM
Location: The Potting Shed

It’s pumpkin season! Join the fun with our Pick & Paint Pumpkin Workshop. This is a workshop designed for children and adults of all ages who want to channel their inner artist. Pumpkin painting will be self-guided, so bring all of your ideas, but we will also have picture options to choose from if you need a visual aid!

Admission is FREE but you must purchase your pumpkin from FGS and present your receipt at the painting station to get materials.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of this event.

Instructor: Sydney Johnson, Events & Marketing Assistant
Autumn Mini Pop-Up Market

Sunday, September 18, 10AM-3PM
Location: Garden Center

It’s fall, y’all! Get in the autumn mood with some of our favorite local small businesses and vendors, live music by Story Charlemagne, seasonal drinks at The Potting Shed, pumpkins, mums, and more!

Vendors at this event will be: Mica’s Sweets & TreatsTaylor’d with Grace, and Crafts Made by You.

Food Truck: Tacos Garcia

Friday, September 23, 6PM-9PM
Doors open at 5:30PM

Jazz, wine, and tacos are the perfect trio for an autumn evening, so grab your special someone and mark your calendars for our next Jazz Night concert! Local jazz band Peter Lamb and The Wolves will be playing on September 23!

Peter Lamb and The Wolves have been serenading America since 2008, when they debuted at President Obama's Inaugural Ball. Since then, they've released 3 albums, been named Best Jazz Band in the Triangle twice, and won several awards - and our hearts. This will be their second concert at For Garden's Sake and we can't wait to have them back!

The Potting Shed will be open and serving wine, mimosas, beer, cider, hard seltzers, and Sunset Slush. Our Garden Center will be closed. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating.

Food truck: La Katrina Tacos

We're Hiring!
For Garden's Sake is looking for new team members! If you like to work hard and have fun at the same time, these positions could be for you!

Open Positions:

  • Seasonal Plant Coaches
  • Garden Center Department Leads
  • Landscaper - Installation Crew Member/Driver
  • Landscaper - Lawn Maintenance Crew Member/Driver

With the exception of Seasonal Plant Coach positions, these are full-time, year-round positions that include the following benefits: paid holidays, matching 401k, discounts at the Garden Center, PTO, and health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

CLICK HERE to see the full job descriptions and apply!
Landscape Design and Installation
What are your current landscaping dreams? Do you want to use your backyard as an outdoor living space with a deck, patio, or secret garden? Are you daydreaming about eleveating your pool with some colorful flowers and bushes around the perimeter so you can lounge in luxury? Do you imagine yourself relaxing while you tend to veggies or flowers in a raised garden bed?

We can help those dreams come true! Talk to one of our designers to see how we can wave our magic wands and make your house a home. We have consultation appointments in late October!

Tip of the Week: FLOWER POWER
Pansy season is here and the Garden Center is full of bright colors! They are ready for you to take them home and plant them so they can cheer you up all season long. Our plant coaches are ready to help you pick out what you need to spruce up your garden beds this weekend, and we have two Fall Container Workshops coming up if you'd like a guided container building experience!

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