Are you ready for the seasons to change? The fall and winter seasons bring much joy to our lives, but they can also be challenging. If you or someone you know struggles with sadness and depression during these seasons, encourage them to eat cleaner by adding more whole foods to their diet. The article below gives many reasons why better nutrition = better mental health.

Speaking of health issues, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Click on the apple to listen to a message of hope, with ideas to both fight and prevent cancer. Featuring Dr. Kim Dalzell with her topic: "From Evolution to Revolution: Fighting Cancer at the Cellular Level."

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Eating junk food raises risk of depression
No surprise here! This article describes the impact that eating junk food can have on our mental health. 

Excerpt: Dr. Cosmo Hallstrom, a depression expert and fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said that if junk food did raise the risk of depression then an unhealthy diet was not just bad for the body but also the mind. "The chemistry in the gut is very similar to the chemistry in the brain. So it's not surprising that things that influence the gut might influence the brain too," he added.
Ingredients update
Do you read the inserts that ship with your Juice Plus+ product? If so, you'll know that recently we made some modifications to our product formulation. Now, if you're curious why this was done, keep reading!

Since our start, we've used clinical research to reveal exactly what Juice Plus+ was doing inside the body. We use that clinical research to inform our ingredient and formula changes. No change to Juice Plus+ is done quickly.

We make changes to our formulas for a few reasons, the first being regulatory or quality related.  Sometimes a global regulatory agency will change their rules and either allow or disallow ingredients. We always make sure that our products are compliant.
Possibly the Prettiest Tower Gardens
LA Urban Farming in the Alley with 120 edible marigolds at  Cafe Vida in Los Angeles.  Chefs love these pretty fresh flowers for garnishes on salads and desserts, for table decor and they are great for freezing into ice cubes to make a cocktail look really special!

Have you grown flowers in your Tower Garden yet?

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