Pumpkin season is upon us!

We have seen a lot of crazy ways to carve a pumpkin...but this one takes the cake (or should we say pie?) Here we are in the season of pumpkin spiced lattes, leaf piles, candy corn and harvesting. Everything around us is changing. In many parts of the country, pumpkins are the final part of the harvest. It's truly a celebration when they arrive. A clear sign for a change in season.

Often seasonal changes cause us to think about changes in ourselves and our lives.
This month we are going to consider some questions that are worth examining. We hope you enjoy while sipping your pumpkin spice latte or hot cider!
There are many adults and children living in the U.S. and the world who are a secret. No, they aren’t spies, nor are they hidden away. The secret is how they came to be.

Donor conception has been around since the 1880s, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. It has allowed couples and individuals to build their own families when the old-fashioned methods for reproduction have left them with empty cradles. Unfortunately, secrecy rather than privacy has been the rule. “Don’t tell the child how they were conceived. Don’t tell anyone. No one will ever know.”

Or will they?

How would you tell your story?

YOUR voice and YOUR story are the most compelling ways to spread the good word
about Snowflakes embryo donation and adoption...no matter where you find yourself on this journey.

Keep celebrating your story with friends and family. How about sending us a short written or video story?

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I've had cancer TWICE! Will I ever have a baby?

At age 24, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As treatment, I underwent chemotherapy and radiation to my chest. This was before egg freezing was used as a fertility preservation method, so instead I had an ovary removed and cryopreserved in the likely event the chemo would affect my fertility. Fast forward to my early thirties—I was feeling healthy and happily married to my husband, Phil. We began trying to conceive naturally but knew the odds were not in our favor. We had known for a long time that having our own children was something that might never happen, and it was something we discussed early in our dating relationship. Having a family was always a part of our plan for our life together, we just did not know how it would be created.

About six months after we began trying, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer, which doctors think was a result of the radiation treatment I had for my lymphoma.

Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch!

This month we welcome 6 new Snowflakes babies.


N and N welcomed their daughters, Rebecca #753 and Renee #754
J and T welcomed their daughter, Raegan #755
M and S welcomed their son, John #756
C and S welcomed their son, Mason #757
B and D welcomed their son, Oliver #758

Tucked together and swaddled in baby blue, these two sisters are just precious and so loved.
Reagan agrees that she is Daddy's little fighter!
"What's up there?" John wonders as he intently focuses on his mobile.
"Hello World!" Mason waves enthusiastically
Hand over heart, sweet Oliver is all snuggles.
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