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This year's Great Pumpkin Fest in Highwood will have a few more superheros in attendance than expected. Our All Star Home Improvements & Renovations family will be participating in the 5K run/walk event to benefit the Make a Wish foundation. Come on down, Saturday October 7th at 9am, and help us support this worthy cause. Cheer on the runners/walkers, participate in the event, or simply make a donation. All of your support is greatly appreciated!
Need more space in your home?
Who doesn't, right?!

Take a look at some creative ways to find more useable space in your home & let us know how we can assist you.
BTW, if you have ideas of your own, let us know what they are! Your good idea may end up in a future e-mail that could benefit somebody else looking to find more space in their home!
From an empty wall, to an unused space near your front/back door, adding a "mudroom" could seriously change your organizational life!
Hooks for jackets, a storage bench to sit on while you put on/take off your shoes, drawers, cabinets and cubbies to store necessities out of sight. Shelves, baskets, lockers; the storage possibilities are endless!
You may not even know that you need a "mudroom" until you start thinking about the organizational potential!
Nothing puts unused square footage to better use than a built in !

A built in is an easy way to transform unused space into a productive area of your home that is designed specifically to cater to your needs.

Not only can a built in transform a dead zone in your home, but it can also create a sense of order as it organizes your things while blending into your interior.

A good built in creates a smooth transition between spaces and can utilize an entire wall without making the room feel considerably smaller.

Create more storage space or give yourself an area to display you favorite things. Whatever the need, a good built in may be the answer you've been looking for!
A wall niche is another way to utilize unused space and add character to your home.

Consider a wine rack built into the wall without taking up any floor space, or a display case that lights up a drab basement and shows off your favorite possessions.

A wall niche can frame your doorway with creativity or break up a solid, boring wall. You can display your works of art, increase your hallway storage, add extra lighting or even create an innovative fireplace location.

From something as simple as an added bookcase to wall cutouts specifically for your plants, a wall niche is a great way to personalize your living space.
Make your dream home a dream come true !
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Whether you need a small scale renovation, help realizing a great idea, or completely new construction, we guarantee you will love your new living space. Call us today! We can't wait to hear from you!
Thank you for allowing us into your home via our newsletters! We have such fun exploring ways to improve your living space. So, if you have any ideas, questions or comments, do not hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!
-Warmest regards from Lorena, Chris, and the entire staff at All Star Homes
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