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Mums, Asters, Houseplants, Nursery Sale, Upcoming Bird Sale and more...
It's a bustling place here
at Hadley Garden Center
Of course fall is in full swing and we are exploding with the fall colors of Mums, Asters, Pansies, Cabbage & Kale and the quintessential Pumpkins, Gourds and all the fall fixings.

Spring bulbs are abundant, the nursery sale is happening, houseplants are plentiful and the bird sale will start in November.
Come for a visit, you won't be disappointed.
Bring those houseplants inside - Soon.

* If you haven't already moved your houseplants in, do it TODAY. Some plants can withstand a bit of cooler weather, but any day now, you will be disappointed, as those blackened leaves will not be revived.  
* Give your plants a preventative spray against insects, before you bring them inside. An easy non toxic product to use is horticultural oil or an insecticidal soap. These will prevent any hitchhikers from coming inside and causing trouble.
 * Back off on the watering. The days are getting shorter and your plants need to be watered less frequently. General rule thumb the top 2" soil should run dry before watering. 
Time to Plant Spring Bulbs
Spring Bulbs are the ultimate in anticipation. Plant now and enjoy in the spring without any fuss - They just pop out of the soil and continue to delight.

We have a list of animal resistant bulbs and a new product called "gopher shield" which can prevent animals nibbling on your bulbs.

And it's not too soon to start forcing your Amaryllis bulbs. Our selection is most abundant right now.
Bird Lovers
Bird Lover's To Do List
for October

  • Time to clean your feeders and get ready for new seeds

  • Beware of bears in your area before you start feeding again. You might want to wait a bit longer - maybe November.

  • Consider buying a water heater for your bird bath. They use little electricity, heating the water to just above 32 degrees.

  • View over 100 different kinds of feeders at Hadley Garden Center - easy to clean new varieties just in.

  • Remember the BIG BIRD SALE in early November
Get ready for Fall!
All Fall Decorations
Mums 2019
Mums are going strong
Many varieties of Pansies and Cabbage and Kale
October is the month to:
  • Plant Garlic and Shallots.
  • Dig up Gladiolas & other summer bulbs.
  • Lime and fertilize lawns.
  • Plant spring blooming bulbs.
  • Don't let your pumpkins and winter squash get exposed to a hard frost.They won't store as well.
  • Continue to mow the lawn until it stops growing. 
  • Sow seeds of Carrots, Lettuce, Onions, Beets, Parsnips, Dill and Parsley and cover with straw. These are pretty tough seeds and should survive the winter to be harvested early in the spring.
Message from Tom and Janine
What a beautiful September we had and here's looking forward to a great remainder of the fall. It's a refreshing, wonderful season with all the fall decor, beautiful colors and even getting to the garden chores with the temperatures a little more on the mild side. We've enjoyed the influx of students returning to the valley and it is neat to see how into Houseplants they all are. Budding gardeners! While it is time to lift your summer flowering bulbs it's also a good time to plant some spring color. The bulb options get more impressive every year. Hope you are enjoying the great area we live in and please stop in for a visit and a look around - there is always something new!


Tom & Janine Giles
& the staff of the Hadley Garden Center
Hadley Garden Center | 413-584-1423 www.hadleygardencenter.com