Pump Problems

Recently we've had to replace FOUR SEPTIC PUMPS. Aside from the unpleasant odor and runoff that affects sites in the area of the pumps, the replacement of each pump is thousands of dollars and takes hours of work. Work that is disgusting, difficult and very time consuming. 

Our pumps need to be replaced when seasonal campers flush wipes down their toilets. 

Seasonal campers can prevent this problem from happening.

Here is how your tank works with our system:
Your holding tank collects raw sewage, toilet paper and water, which decomposes. Actual RV toilet paper breaks down with water. Special tank additives help to further break down raw sewage so our pumps can efficiently transfer the contents of your tank into our drain fields when you empty your tank.   Clogs in our pumps occur when seasonal campers FLUSH WIPES down their toilets. 

Sometimes the clog can be cleared by hand, (GROSS!) however, severe clogs stress the pumps to the point of burnout.  

Every wipe that is flushed in your toilet presents a problem for our pumps. Wipes appear to be flushed-out of sight, out of mind, but may be stuck in your tank, which can result in tank damage. IF they happen to pass through your tank- they STILL GET STUCK IN OUR PUMPS.  BOTTOM LINE: Our system CANNOT PROCESS WIPES of any kind.

  • ONLY flush waste and toilet paper.
  • Keep a trash can in your bathroom for baby wipes, facial wipes, sanitary products, diapers AND flushable wipes* 
  • Flushable wipes are NOT biodegradable-they do not break down.
  • Empty your tank regularly. Fill your tank with water before emptying.
  • Treat your tank with additives, such as AquaKem, to help decompose waste and facilitate the emptying of your tank.
  • Only use RV toilet paper.
Thank You
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