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Punk Outlaw Productions is heading to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia 10/21-10/28 for our documentary "Punktology.. the Global Punk Movement".

If you have a lead on a band, fan or scene we should check out or interview while there then please email us at [email protected]

If we use your suggestion we'll mail you a Punk Outlaw TV shirt or wife beater tanks absolutely FREE.

Be sure and check Punk Outlaw for real time updates, videos and pics from our trip covering the punk, rockabilly and psychobilly scenes in Russia.

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Los Suziox "Armas Silenciosas" Music Video
Click Photo to See The Los Suziox "Armas Silenciosas" Music Video

LSZX "Armas Silenciosas" Video

Punk Outlaw Records' recently completed production on our first music video for Los Suziox featuring their single "Armas Silenciosas" (Silent Arms). It's already a hit at our You Tube page. Click the pic to see the video and let us know what you think.
Italian Psychobilly Band "Evil Devil"
Italy's "Evil Devil"
Italy's Evil Devil
We caught up with Italian psychobilly band "Evil Devil" after their concert at the big "Black Cat Psychobilly Festival" in Hollywood, CA. Click the photo to see the video on what these guys have to say about the psychobilly scenes in the U.S. and Italy and if your ever in Italy, look these guys up.
Oppressed But Defiant Punks Speak Out in Havana, Cuba
Cuban Punks
Cuban Punks
Punk Outlaw traveled to Havana, Cuba for rare interviews with Cuban punks who braved arrest by the police give us an unfiltered view into Cuban life & what it's like to be a Cuban Punk in the land of the Castro Brothers these days. Click the photo for the video of our exclusive interview.

We have some good stuff scheduled including real time coverage from our first trip to Russia and our return trips to Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

We'll also be covering upcoming concerts from "The Dead Kennedys", "Social Distortion" in New York City, The Medellin Rock Festival in Colombia and we'll be producing more new music videos featuring our friends Los Suziox and Rudos Wild.

Plus new music we think you might like and lots more so
stay tuned to Punk Outlaw and Punk Outlaw Records and for God's sake, keep rocking!!

There are a myriad of ways to get in touch with Punk Outlaw.

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