August 21st, 2017
We've got babies, again. Please contact me directly BY PHONE if you want a puppy and want to make sure that special pup doesn't get away. Please, no texts or cell messaging.

As promised, there are more Goberian puppies & one litter of little Pomskies that are here already or on the XANADU horizon. Sheera and Cedar's extraordinary (and small) litter is available for selection NOW, and descriptions follow. Puppies must go to their new homes when they are available pick-up. Once again, XANADU will have many little Goberians here at XANADU HQ all at once (it must have been in the water!), and we cannot board puppies that are ready to go home (please don't ask). Pups in current and upcoming 2017 litters will be available to all Pup Alert subscribers and XANADU website visitors. 
In the future, XANADU puppies may be paid in full and reserved for new owners after parent dogs have been bred and we have a pregnancy confirmation. At birth, sexes and coat colors are apparent. Deposits of $400 will only be accepted after puppies have been born and that deposit cannot carry over to future litters. Full payment for a puppy/pups is due at 6 1/2 weeks (when we hope eye color is stable). If you hoped for a puppy with blue eyes and your pup doesn't have at least one blue eye, you may request a refund of your deposit at this time only--that is, when you cancel your pup order. When another Goberian litter is born--and with the hope of blue-eyed puppies in that litter--you are welcome to make a deposit for a puppy from that litter. The best way to get a blue-eyed pup is to request a male or female Litter Pick puppy.

Please go to the PayPal website to pay for your puppy's balance or to pay the total price for your puppy. The XANADU website accepts deposits--which can be made after litters are born--but not total payments or balances. The PayPal site (www.paypal.com) always makes it very easy to take your money!
Guardian Home puppy price with a 2-litter Breeding Agreement is $1250 (XANADU will pay taxes and PayPal fees). Guardian pups are usually females.
Please see attached Guardian Information and request information if you are interested in XANADU'S Guardian Home Program.

Litter Pick puppies will be $2885 (total cost) in the future.
Blue-Eyed pups, including bi-eyed puppies, are $2625--no taxes or PayPal fees; we pay those fees.
Pet Home puppies are $2150 total pup price.

IF we have exceptions in the future--like the mini-Bernedoodles, prices will be posted at the time these litters are announced.

If you need Shipping for your new pup, that price is in addition to your puppy's price: $475. I recommend an increasingly common practice: Fly into the Montrose, CO airport (MTJ) and pick up your pup (sometimes other airports are closer to the XANADU Guardians. Please ask.) I can deliver to the Montrose airport (or when pups are at a more distant Guardian home, you can rent a car and drive to the Guardian's home to pick up a puppy), and puppy can fly home with you in the cabin of the aircraft.
In natural breedings, there is more time-flexibility with the expected due date: Pup birthdates could be any of about four days. I'm guessing, of course, but I'd guess that the first possible days for upcoming 2017 puppy births could be...
SHEERA'S LITTER W/ CEDAR : Two males and one female (see photos of parents and three babes; the first pup is the female). Born on the expected date-- Aug. 16th--or 17th in the wee small hours. Can go home between Oct. 8 and 14 Sheera and Cedar are our most lovely couple, in terms of markings and likelihood of having blue-eyed puppies. No photo does Cedar justice; he is just too perfectly beautiful. These pups will be about the same size as the parent dogs--40 lb. adult size. Parents are sweet dogs, good companions, and healthy with no known health or genetic issues. It is possible that the female--if she has two blue eyes--could be reserved for a Guardian home. Let me know if you are interested in this Guardian female or another puppy from Sheera's litter. 
CASHMERE & CEDAR'S Litter: Due Aug. 20 and ff., and right on time! Puppies will go to their new homes between Oct. 13 & 15. (See attached photos of Cashmere and Cedar). These pups are newborns and only a couple of hours old; photos and gender I.D. is not yet available. BUT we have been anticipating this beautiful litter of pups! It is special.

Deposits for this litter are being accepted at this time Two clients have, however, reserved Litter Pick puppies by paying full price for their puppies. One Guardian pup may be available, and three Pet Home puppies are available.
This litter is a XANADU attempt at low-shed for allergy sufferers; however, our last low-shed attempt produced NO no-to-very-low-shed puppies. All pups looked just like XANADU'S other F1 Goberian puppies (the no/low-shed Goberians look like Doodles, but act like Goberians). Cashmere's birth litter had three no/low-shed puppies--absolutely beautiful pups. We have no idea what colors we will get with this litter, but Cashmere is blue-eyed and Cedar bi-eyed; we expect mostly blue-eyed babies and a variety of coat colors. Again, the adult-size for these pups will be about 40 lb.--the size of the parent dogs.

Please Note: If you do suffer from allergies, please check with your doctor before purchasing any pup; some people cannot have Poodles (the ultimate hypoallergenic dog) or even hairless dogs. 
ENCHANTE AND ELVIS 'S Pups: PREGNANCY CONFIRMATION! Enchante's pups are expected on Sept. 3 or so...Puppies can go to new homes on Oct. 7-9th. (No photos now, but photos are coming if we have a litter, and I'll ask for some great photos of Elvis.)

This breeding was a lesson to me: Never try to breed a female over a holiday. Vets, stud dogs, Guardians, everybody is out watching fireworks and eating hot dogs...I have no idea if this ONE very early natural breeding worked, but if it did:
We should have mostly solid-color pups--white or red or ?. And this will be an F1b litter, heavy on the Golden Retriever side. And I think the F1bs are the best--like Rio Coco and Rio Vida. These dogs have the intelligence and trainability, the personality and temperament for which XANADU breeds as Breeding Goals (see document on line).

Elvis is the most beautiful Golden Retriever I've ever seen (I'll requrest photos). He's big and sweet--AKC, of course, American-style, wavy red coat. If we do not have a litter by Elvis this time around, you'll see this beautiful boy in XANADU'S future. There will be Guardian puppies--perhaps of both sexes--not sure yet. Most pups will be brown-eyed (hard to get blue eyes into the F1b puppies; we're working on that). Puppies should be about 45-50 pounds as adults; that is, standard size Goberians. ALL pups are currently available with no completed pre-payments on the books. Pups are due soon, and I'll be back with baby pictures. At the time pups are born, deposits will be accepted. Watch your upcoming Pup Alerts for information
MISHKA'S POMSKY LITTER BY WOLF (See photos 8 and 9 of these parent dogs.) We have a confirmed pregnancy, and our Canine Reproduction Expert says to expect pups on Sept. 13. Pups can go home on Dec. 3-5, and we should have three puppies, possibly four, acc. to the sonogram. Pups should be about 10-13 pounds as adult dogs. Mishka is black, white, and silver; Wolf is red with husky/wolfy markings. (See photos of parent dogs.) Not sure what to expect in coat patterns and colors, but the pups will be wonderful--beautiful small XANADUS, trainable, sweet, and family-oriented, too!
There will be a Guardian puppy from this Pomsky litter.

A Litter Pick puppy, possibly two, will be available. Please designate "male" or "female" when you make a payment. If both sexes are not available, we'll talk about what you want to do.

We hope for blue eyes, but brown eyes are dominant, and those of you who prefer "warm brown eyes" may be in luck. 
ZOE' & PAZ-- just bred: Due about Oct. 11 --Christmas Litter; Can go home in mid- Dec. Please do not ask XANADU to hold your puppy until Christmas Eve; we are not set up for boarding at XANADU; it is high, snowy, and cold here. (Photos will be coming when pregnancy is confirmed, but this should be an exceptional and large litter. If you want a larger wolf-like Goberian, this is your litter, and these pups should be 65 lb. as adults. Zoe' is a red American Golden Retriever with excellent hips/no known genetic issues. Paz is a quadra-color multi-gen Goberian male with one blue eye and one brown eye, and with perfect symmetry. What a wonderful boy!
We no longer ask that clients pay for sales taxes or PayPal transaction fees--which are rather mysterious anyhow. We just roll this into one amount with NO extra costs other than transportation/shipping, and you can pay for shipping at the time you pay the balance for your puppy.

IF you want a Litter Pick puppy after there is a confirmed pregnancy in the litter you select, you may pay for your puppy through PayPal, but deposits will only be accepted when we know the number and gender of available puppies. You've got choices:
1. Pay for your Litter Pick puppy: $2887.50, and when puppies are born if there are no females/males (whichever you wanted) in that litter, you may have a refund.
2. Wait until puppies are born, and XANADU will accept your deposit of $400 at that time (which, of course, counts toward your total purchase price of $2887.50). At that time, we will know if there are male/female puppies and can make a pretty good guess about coat types maybe. We can be more certain about eye color when puppies are about 7-weeks old--when eye color is more stable--doesn't change so much! Pups with one blue and one green/gold/brown eye count as "blue-eyed," and they are priced as blue-eyed puppies. And here is the mythology: The blue eye sees into the spiritual world; the brown eye sees the physical world.

My apologies for making you wait to submit your deposit; we've had so much difficulty with long-ago deposit submissions from those who are not ready for their pups when puppies are ready to go to their new homes. That can cause bookkeeping problems and client confusion. 

XANADU has received many calls about Doodles. We've been so busy, we have put our
own Doodle breedings on the back burner. I've been referring Doodle inquiries to a friend with an upcoming breeding in L.A., but...the female had a "split heat"; which means no ovulation and no breeding and no Doodle pups for Christmas. I'll let you know about XANADU'S next Doodle litter.

Thank you all for your interest in XANADU of the Rockies and our XANADU Pups.

My very best,
Sheron and XANADU Pack
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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