Xanadu Pup Alert: Xanadu Goberians
March 9th, 2019
Ready to Go to New Homes in the Second Week of April!

Below are Photos of proud parent-dogs, Chanda and Ashoka, and this Big Litter of 3 - week - old pups. At 3 weeks, puppies are just beginning to be adorable; it just gets better and better from this age.
Aragorn (Male)
Choco (Male)
Gabriel (Male)
Gandalf (Male)
Michael (Male)
Pancho (Male)
Redford (Male)
Dulcinea (Female)
Galadriel (Female)
Grace (Female)
Guenevere (Female)
Raven (Female)
Pup pricing follows. Chanda's dozen pups by blue-eyed, multi- colored Ashoka include 7 males and 5 females in A L L C o l o r s , and yes, we do expect blue eyes, brown and Bi- colored eyes, too.  

Selection of Pet Home Puppies is determined by the date your deposit is submitted. Those who make an early deposit choose their pup first; your place in line is confirmed by your deposit -- $400. Mandi, XANADU'S Spreadsheet-Keeper and my Right-Hand Woman at xanadupack@gmail.com can advise you through the very easy PayPal-deposit process. Pup Selection will take place when puppies are 6-weeks old (March 26-31), because eye-color will be more stable at that time.
Guardian Pups, $1250 (Both are SOLD)
Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885 ( any eye color you prefer )
Blue-eyed  &  bi - eyed  pups: $2650
Brown-eyed   pups: $2250
Hazel-eyed  pups are usually the same price as the  brown-eyed   puppies. 
Remember that  brown eyes   are usually dominant, and we always expect more brown-eyed puppies.

Please note that there are no other XANADU Goberian Litters coming at this time; that means no new litters until at least July of 2019.

Chanda is a Guardian who was selected exclusively for her remarkable people-centered, gentle personality. She never met a stranger, human or dog. She is low-shed, and she and her lineage provides great therapy/service candidate pups.

Daddy-dog, Ashoka, is blue-eyed multi-color (silver, tan, white, merle flecks, and blue eyes), and is also one of our two most beautiful stud dogs. Ashoka has a lovely, bouncy, happy temperament--loves EVERYONE--and is a healthy, sturdy boy, as was his lineage; that is, no known genetic problems. Ashoka is about 43 lb.

Chanda is not a big shedder (Goberians are seasonal shedders and need to be groomed in the spring to remove the winter undercoat. The rest of the year, Goberian grooming needs are minimal.) Her body-type takes after the Golden Retriever more than the Siberian Husky.

Chanda was tested by Cornell University's Embark Genetic Program for dogs. Of the 165 common-dog genetic issues, Chanda's results are perfect: Her results are "clear," "normal," and "not a carrier" of these 165 testable issues. XANADU of the Rockies provides the best pups possible, and your pup is absolutely guaranteed against these testable genetic issues.

Your new XANADU pup is a family member. XANADU breeds for longevity, and for this multi-breed lineage, you might expect between 15 and 19 years of healthy companionship with your new best friend.

XANADU'S goal is the development of the World's Best Family Dog Please note the link to "XANADU Breeding Goals" in this Pup Alert.

Thank you for considering XANADU of the Rockies for your new furry family member, and when you have made a confident decision about a XANADU Goberian puppy for yourself or your family, please contact us at xanadupack@gmail.com to reserve your puppy.
Always our very best to you and yours,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
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Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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