Claudia Sharpe has been volunteering with Kitsap Humane Society for the last 2.5 years and has become a familiar face to all! She has contributed over 530 hours of her time, along with her passion and excitement for our animals in several different departments! From dog walking, to helping out our Vet Services team, Claudia eagerly jumps into any position she can to help contribute to the mission of KHS! 

Claudia first joined KHS after leaving her job, wanting to find something that made her happier, “I remembered my friend and her daughter volunteered previously at KHS with the cats and loved it. So, I thought ‘well I love dogs’ and have been here ever since!”

Claudia is one of our Advanced Handler dog walkers and some of the moments she treasures most involve helping new dogs settle in, “Every time I’m told or read a certain dog is shy or scared and I have the opportunity to patiently sit or kneel in that dog's kennel as they loosen up and come to me and allow me to leash up and walk with them always becomes a standout moment”. Claudia even spends extra time with these dogs, providing them with enrichment and working to figure out what they need to feel more secure in their new surroundings.